The most terrified I have ever been!

Today, I had yet another driving session. The one yesterday morning was one to forget, but the one today was MUCH better! My placement on the road was bang on, my orientation was on the money and I was changing gears smoothly.


My driving instructor told me, that we'd be heading towards Copenhagen, but we would not be entering the city. We set off, and about 30 minutes later, we were at a place called Vesterbrogade - which leads into the center of Copenhagen. My driving instructor had led me into Copenhagen, which left me white as a sheet. I was not enjoying it, at all. I didn't mind that we ended up in Copenhagen, but the traffic there scared the life out of me. Cars not knowing where to go, cyclists who drive in the middle of the road, people walking in front of a car that says "school car" and loads more.

I hate Copenhagen traffic - it's the worst I have experienced so far. But.. I made it out, without any damage to the car. My driving instructor told me, that she thought the drive had been excellent. Small errors, but it's not something I would fail on.

Now that my heavy traffic driving has been completed, the next on the agenda is learning roundabouts. Then it's highways, night driving and finally doing some slippery surface driving, on a closed track!

I CANNOT wait for that!
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It's just practice Phil, maybe try your driving lessons in a small town or city before hitting the big city if can..
Have you got any friends that have a car and can give a few lessons in small towns/cities ?
It's probably the best way to learn Phil, the driving instructor will makes you anxious..
I have been driving in small towns, but my driving instructor felt like I was competent enough to drive in the big city. The fact that I made it out in one piece, and that I want to drive more, means that I haven't been scared from the experience. I was just a bit stressed out, but after some deep breaths, I pulled myself together and got the drive done
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