I am going to be an excellent driver!

At least that's what my driving instructor says. How can she know if I will be an excellent driver? Because of our latest session. It was roundabouts and left turns.

I remember when I started the driving license course. I was scared to get into the drivers seat and drive. The car would stall, and I would freak out. It was one of those "Am I really going to learn this? Am I really going to be able to drive a car?".

My first session was awful. Close to the kerb and driving too fast. My placement on the road was downright dangerous.

Monday was my latest session with my driving instructor, and it went very well. Like I said in the beginning, it was roundabouts and left turns, so we found a quiet stretch of road and had a wonderful hour in the car. Well, an hour and half, but it took 15 minutes to find the road, and 15 minutes to drive back to the school.

I am a champ at roundabouts. I am also pretty good at getting off the line, so if I practice that during my next session, I will definitely nail it! What am I going to do in the next session? Highway driving. That's fairly easy. Everyone has the same speed, and most of the rush hour traffic has been handled by then, so I shouldn't have the biggest problem. I am just looking forward to the next session. It's gonna be great!

After that, it's time for night time driving, which I am quite excited about as well. There are some roads here that are VERY dark once the sun goes down. It's mostly by farms and old estates, so it should be fairly quiet.

I look forward to finishing the course, so I can get my theory- and driving test. After that, the open roads lie ahead of me!
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Not quiet certain about that though...
help help help help help
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