I cracked myself up

This morning started with a spilled cup of coffee. I stayed mellow while I cleaned it up then went about my business enjoying that I prepped and marinated my brussel sprouts yesterday for a brussel sprout cheesey casserole for today's dinner party. Enjoyed my shower and the lingering aroma of the wet clean fresh hair. Went back into my kitchen feeling like a million bucks to chop some soft cheese so I threw the block of cheese in the freezer to make it easier to cut and not stick to the knife. I turned around and told Alexa "Remind me in 15 minutes to Cut the Cheese", When I heard my words out loud I giggled out loud.

As soon as she reminds me I will do just that! Hope everyone has a great day.

Oh and as a sideline - my daughter found her biological Father through Ancestry.dna and went to meet him. Granddiva posted a video of the heartwarming meeting. He is a handsome devil, just to bad neither one of us remember the other. Her search took over 10 years, the sad thing is he has dementia and the good thing is they got to meet while he is still cognizant. I had my dna tested to make sure I'm her Mom and no doubt I am.
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wow wow unfayzed what revelations glad turned okay with daughters thoughts.

What did Alexa say grin
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