99 seconds till midnight..

Tag. | .. technical difficulties / racer X.
..2nd Law. / .muse..
Consequences / reel Earth.
..here's a flow chart for Reference..
A. For the first time./ The script | 1st strike is deadly/ testament.
..b. mansion builder / 2nd chapt.Acts. | yhwh/ U 2.
C. Eli's coming / 3 dog Noir.
d. . 4 minute warning./ Owen | 4 horsemen...
E. Everywhere a Sign. / 5 man Elec. Band.
F...out of the Blue. ) System F.
G. 7 churches / possessed.
H. 8 miles high .} The byrds.
I. .this might ] hurt / 9" nails.| Cloud #9/ Adams.
J..sssh./ 10 years After.
K.....( ..solve for k.) ...
L. 12 daze of x mass | McVarious.
M. Friday the 13th / atomic.
.....solve.... cloud 9
.......k...11 o clock / U 2.
...C C C P [ .Color Coordinate code, popular...
.. Enemy of the sun / Neurosis.
.blues for the red sun. / Kyuss.
Blackhole sun / sound garden.
..A R ] No more Color / Coroner
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N. ..along came Metal..
O. ..bonded by blood / Exodus
P. I am the Law / Anthrax.
Q. Strong Arm of the Law / Saxon.
...strong radio Net..) . ) .
3 3 0 8...bright ; beauty
...217..uwr. ( 4 ...flame, Light, East x wake up
3 0 9 1.......[ 3068 & 3467
......k y a h..) kilowatt Yankee apache hot...
8273...H O T ..
8274...." & 3050.
8275..rod of Empire
5185...coming down
3090......[ 3068 & 7650.
......7 7 0 7..soL.) spreader of Light
........4639. Action.
.....3 0 6 8 ...who was & is & is to come.
Nothing that you make reference to frightens me, I just feel it's very near.
who was and is and is to come.....AMEN!!!
I feel it's like someone is clanging the bell and everyone is deaf.
I just say Lord open the eyes and ears and let your will be done.

Q Strong arm of the Law reminds me of a verse of a Willy Nelson song

We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds
Too much corruption, and crime in the streets
It's time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground
Send 'em all to their maker and he'll settle 'em down
You can bet he'll set 'em down
Robert, pal, for allah's. Can you fn write in English rather than Hebrew?!

mumbling mumbling
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Minor Correction, w/ Addenda
....( Solve for K. )
M. Friday the 13th / atomic Rooster
..- b. Mansion builder. } 2 chapter Action.
K. . 11 / Pope.
......there be a Veil betwixt my drift & your get
Hence the pop Code became...um,
R A M ) radio Action Man...
...solving for R...) ..+ or minus 1 ° of McError.
O. Bonded by blood..{ that is, Oh Positive !?!
C. Eliyah is Near ) & suddenly appears
R. Hangar 18./ M D.) .mega death.
Part 2..
...out of blue ) system F..) read , Amerika the bytch.
12 daze of Nimrod, eYe mean, x mass...
Hangar 18. ) Sealed shut for your safety.
Actually, this is very interesting. I wonder what this, probably rather rare, disorder is called. Any psychologists in the house?
Could be the dooms day clock , there is a way Ukraine can get it one second to midnight .
@ newbies & McTed.
...the reporter is role playing as Dee Jay of the
Impending X Ray.
Occasionally eYe play around w/ physics -- but only inso far as the hot laws ( of which there are 4.
..the over Arching $cene is a MAGIC $PELL..
to alert you to the retro Active reality..
Hollywood / music Entertainment...is the 4th
Branch of government. My ability to show this thing out...is also self Evident...and has even punctuated all the current events Mcblogment s on this page..
..he ] blinded me w/ Scienter ) Dolby
..these eYes ) . ) . guess who*
20 / 20 .| The graveyard
..A R ] you R invited / Dismemberment Plan.**
..* world health, Obviously.
.....** And solving for R.
One for all my bloody UK mates...
.. bonded by blood / Exodus
NY NY / Adams*
Secret history of the human race / Blood Incantation.

* Word number 119 in Strong's Concordance, 2 fold meaning...a.) to show blood..b. red Earth

Addenda | You might recognize that YouTube also functions as double deluxe radio platform.
Therefore, you R invited to LOOK at the album covers for RUSH & BLOOD INCANTATION...and read, study the lyrics / $pell at your peril..[ for they certainly are NOT there for your health & welfare.
...red Medicine / Fugazi
$uicide is painless / mash theme
No hope / the Vaccines
..A R ] Infectious hospital waste / Dem Hammer.
.... believe it or not... music of yore was not $0 suction prone...
... ticket to Ride / Beatles
Jet } w i n g s.
..jet Lag.. } .simple plan.
Hello Bob,

In my opinion, it has been shortly near midnight for the last 3 years....I am going out today and tomorrow and the next and enjoy my life and the beautiful day I have been given.

Very True Johnny...
..your role playing Dee Jay neglected to mention
That it was the Eggheads over @ Bulletin of Atomic Science that created the doomsday clock...
And they also decide to move it... according to their relative grip on reality...eYe could be Wong, but the last move was 99 seconds till the hour..
..blue lines / massive Attack
Hex Enduction hour / the Fall
Airborne toxic event / sum Time round midnight.
...( A T E.)
Indeed eYe was Wong...

PS...eYe decided to move it myself in the
grand tradition of Fresno Bob & Snake Plissken.
Speaking of relative grip in real Time..
.." It will be revealed that Perestroika is the result of 30 years of preparation by the KGB & $0viets...it
Is a strategy for restructuring the world.." A. Golitsyn.
..* ) Former kgb Officer Golitsyn worked
In Dept. Of planning circa 1950's...prior to his escape & defection to Amerika. In 1961ish.
...back in the U $ $ R / the Beatles
Like a G-6 / Far East Movement
Covert contracts / Control Top
..." The Russians may be expected to provoke an incident [ UN attributable to themselves
& Involving the explosion of a nuclear device sum-
Where in the west- not excluding the U S of A.
..the purpose.) To further assert the necessity of
An Amerika- Russia partnership*...& Pressure for eventual World Government.
.. Chinatown / Destroyer
R E D / $ W I F T
Did you hear me ? / Red light District
..A R ] .FULL COMMUNISM / Downtown boys.
* McBob.} Id est, the very thing the Demos. Howled about during the Trumpenstein window of memory.
Under the Pressure / War on drugs
Die by the Drop / the dead weather
50 words for $now./ B U S H.

..only a STRONG nation can be resolute. And to be
effective in her resolution that nation must have tested knowledge- which is a true definition of intelligence. To obtain that she must have a real intelligence service. We haven't got one. It's [ high ]
Time our people knew that to be THE FACT*
..OSS | CIA master mind Gen. Donovan, 1946..
..... Airport confidential....
Airplanes / b. O. b.
Headed for sum ] where } jets Overhead
* FACTS OF LIFE / black box recorder
Here in this place I get peace
..eYe get War..
I get ON....} . } ..Jets Overhead..

7 nation Army / white stripes
N O . NATIONS.} .Jets Overhead
World Peace is NONE of your business / Morrissey.
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