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I always admired respected lusted for yoko! haha
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Yoko was real pretty when she was young. She's not anymore in my humblest of opinions. Then again, she's 90, so I guess that's understandable after all.

This is the thing with Asian women. They never age until they do! Can you imagine marrying one? You spend your life waking up next to a beauty then all of a sudden you wake up, look over you shoulder and you find a Yoda staring back at you! uh oh
With the exception of a photo taken around 1969-1970, I really didn't find her attractive.

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Wiki lists her as a Classically trained vocalist and pianist. Hearing her tribal screams was more than I could tolerate.

Her net worth is estimated at $700 million so she must have been doing something right!
I could never actually cop her, but hey, to each their own.......
Power women are a turn-on. Lauren Bacall is another - hey she's 98 or thereabouts! Ingrid Bergman was another favourite, or how about Cher. Come to think of it I was pretty too, about 60 years ago, but certainly yoda material now!
Oh Bacall died 9 years ago
I'd turn back time, for Cher (if I could that is).....
I'd do the same for Madonna, also.......smitten
So was I mate, 20 odd years ago. A woman on an arm and a couple on the other - and I'm actually not bluffing this time round. Nowadays, well, I'm not that bad looking. I can still pull a woman here n there but nothing like the old days.

I must admit that I find the inevitable decline as a result of the relentless passage of time extremely alarmin. I feel like an icecube sitting on the kitchen counter, melting away and yet unable to do a thing about it.

There's nothing to be done
The sagging cheeks and jowls
Eye bags, nay satchels
Scrawny chicken neck
and sagging skin draw women's howls
That's what fate holds for such as me
Still smart as heck
but often forget
Dos Passos and Don Marquis
yet still recall
Kerouac proudly washed his bum
that's some
thing to be proud of perhaps
despite the lapse of memory

Now what is it I wanted to say?
Women, there are many;
But talented are few
That goes for blokes, as well;
(And I've known a few)
But not in the "Biblical way"
(So to speak);
Strictly hetero for me!
Although it could be salubrious
To be a little bi-curious?

Despite this worst poem ever
I'm still fascinated
By the female

And it's strictly
(For them alone)
That I write
This poem!
When I say bi
Well never would I try
In fact, I'm the straightest bloke
In Sydney!
The straightest bloke in sid-er-nee
Once generously donated his kid-er-nee
Hear tell, to the queen of gay mardi gras!
Did you ever hear a thing more bizarre?

Well let me tell you friends
That's not where the story's an ender.
Generosity stops not there,
He kindly donated his pair
Too a needy if seedy transgender.
I had a mate who started straight
Then went to Oxford Street
And stayed out late
Seducing a straight man
By bending his will
Was that
(For my mate)
A bitter pill
Still, he was not always like this;-
His heart was stolen by a fairy's kiss!
Now he has a wife,
And is very happy;
Well who would I be,
To criticize this chappy?
Politically correct?
I direct

When the use of words is a crime
Then surely about us, monkeys climb
A bit of Madge, for you, old bloke, from back in the day...


thumbs up
Well, are you going to show me, some art, that Yoko Ono did, that was any good?......dunno
Marlene Dietrich - Bitte Geh Nicht Fort~Ne Me Quitte Pas

I saw her alone one morning waiting in Castlereagh St I guess for a taxi after the show - strange no one was attending her.
Beauty Ethereal;-
From a time,
Before mine.
Oh she had a brief affair with Remarque, who wrote two of my favourite books - Drei Kameraden first and Im Westen nichts Neues - All quiet on the Western Front.
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