Time for Boris Johnson to reassert the United Kingdom as the rightful leader of the free world

Johnson could very easy make sure Poland's Russian built fighters could be given to Ukraine and deploy UK fighters to Poland till the Poles have replaced the planes for its own defence . It is obvious that Biden is doing every thing he can to undermine Ukraines defence . That should not be surprising that an un-elected dictator like Biden would side with Russia and china when there is a known traitor General Milley involved .
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I don't think he has what it takes E.
There's more weapon's been offered from everyone Epirb, i haven't heard of much aid for civilian's getting through yet..
Isn't Boris a laughing stock - what authority does he have in his own country let alone the world or his own home?
Well Boris need only see a few old planes are handed to Ukraine and thats a whole lot better than Biden doing his best to stop them . This could be Boris's time to shine . He would have world wide backing if he went against Biden and made sure the planes got to Ukraine . The longer the war goes on the bigger problem it become for Biden .
When aunty Liz kicks the bucket, then review what American citizen Boris up until recent time, (I think 2019 might have been 2016) also Boris Catholic turned Anglican see what happens to United Kingdom and its Commonwealth of nations Monarchy then
@ robplum

And what are his "good reasons" pray tell?
wrong f*ckn blog!.............doh
lol. epirb's always on the wrongest possible side of matters. I bet this is a side effect of isolation.

Boris assert himself? Like? With what? His fat arse?

Biden unelected dictator? Bollocks.
Who does, Jones, love? Honey monster? If I were you, I wouldn't be yelling "make America great again" too loud. I bet if he could, he'd have you deported. laugh
Not the first time in a week you have referred to others weight while hardly slim yourself . At least you have first hand knowledge of what you speak of .
Oh well, it's not like I'm obese or something. dunno

Brain dead Biden to sorry a mongrel to step foot in Ukraine . I've been expecting Boris to step up and now he has .

Switzerland has delivered a first consignment of food supplies to the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, as part of a series of aid shipments to the country’s “suffering civilian population”, it said on Friday.
This content was published on April 8, 2022 - 16:52 April 8, 2022 - 16:52

“In cooperation with its Ukrainian partner Astarta-Kyiv, yesterday Switzerland handed over a first consignment of oil, sugar, flour, corn and powdered milk purchased on the Ukrainian market,” says a foreign ministry press releaseExternal link. This came at the request of the Odessa authorities, who are working to ensure strategic supplies in case of a potential blockade.

Since last week, a team from the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit has travelled several times from Moldova to Ukraine to prepare a series of deliveries, amounting to 1,400 tons of food products for Odessa, according to the press release.

The first delivery to Odessa, which has a population of over a million, comes as “the situation in Ukraine is deteriorating”, says the foreign ministry. Some 12 million people are in need of assistance throughout the country, according to the UN. The fighting has displaced more than 7.2 million people and several regions are at risk of food insecurity. Millions of people face shortages of water, food, medical care and electricity due to Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure.

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned on Friday that prices for world food commodities like grains and vegetable oils have reached their highest levels ever because of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Both Ukraine and Russia are major exporters of grain and vegetable oils, and aid agencies have warned of rising food insecurity in other countries, especially in parts of Africa already hit by drought.
WHY oh why must their be a first or best in helping Ukraine for god sake the country is being ravished before the worlds eyes so we do not need a best just give the dam help they need.

Why indeed even have a country that is the best world leader if each country did its best is that not good enough?????very mad
All we need is one good leader to lead and in Boris I think we have one . US is always late to the world wars and collect all the medals so they can run about saying they bailed out Europe and the world . The same is happening now .

Not one American of importance has stepped into Ukraine since the war started , they are seen as the one's who gave the Russians the green light to invade .
What if Putin was in on the Sting and China was the real target? laugh
Yep i get you but there is time yet for ALL world leaders to help the Ukrainians

There is only rubbish in the EU , Biden gave the Russians the green light , chinese are pro Russian , Japan won't pick a fight with the Russains so only country left with any gravitas is the UK , so it has to be Boris and he's up for it .
Yes, I will really consider this guy an authority ???
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Politician who has zero charisma ....another actor of WEF.
Boris plays on being a buffoon so the ignorant fall for it, as some of you confirm.
Name one British politician who would have done a better job regarding Covid or Russia's invasion.
Not saying Boris didn't make many mistakes but there is no alternative, he is the best the UK has at the present time.

Like Churchill, Boris is who Britain needed at that time but he is no world leader, the British population will vote for another leader when the next election is called.
You could be right. I saw this when he started 'brown nosin' the US.
Any one pouring crap on Jews better do on another blog
Probably still better than your Little Fidel!
Looks like you are talking to your self when you delete posts and still comments on them.
Jews in general or the trouble that plagued the middle east since existence. Turmoil and it wasn't Jew Biden finger on it

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