Can't Believe I'm Bored Now!

I've been on CS for a little while now. Since the early part of this year. Actually this is my second time on here. I left then I came back before.

I think this site is great! I love it! I enjoyed blogging, posting in the forums, I chatted some in the chat room, rating pics, participating in a lot of fun stuff here. It's a whole lot better than other dating sites that I have been on! No sneaky surprises etc.

But lately, I rarely come on here to do stuff like I use to. I'm getting kind of bored. I don't know if it's some people, the topics in the forums, not finding who I want.

I really do believe that finding real love on a dating site is very rare. It's like a fairy tale that probably won't come true. It might can happen. If the two people involved make it happen.

I've heard the statistics that nine times out of ten, most individuals will not find real love on any dating site.

And I know about the inspirational saying, "there is someone for everyone," which is included on CS.

Just like in cyber world, it's the same in the real world too. But again, I never ever give up, I just hope I can find the right person before I grow old and give up on it! LOL

Anyway, I always enjoyed The Supremes classic "You can't hurry Love," to me this song is one hundred percent true on this subject!

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i think it is quite good to meet different people around the world here. they always have different opinions, feelings, thinkings, cultures, attutudes, value and so on, which can tell me something.
love comes and love goes but tacos are forever . lol. it can happen hope to see you around .
i agre with you.
i know it is a dating site, but after a while i suppose its starts to feal like just another profile site as so many others.
i'm like on 4 or 5 profile sites now and they all turn out the same way, you gain friends, fill up your friends list with people that want to be on it and those you realy know hehehe it is still a funny thing.

but in the end i do think that people need it and that some people do find a partner trough one of those sites.

the great thing here is that it's a dating site for free, but then again ... all profile sites are also free.

i am new here as i write this and i can tell you being on sites like this and profile sites, does help to break the ice between 2 persons.

What a revelation!
Ohh yeah Camel you got it right, it is a revelation applause banana and a great song Dynamite.
hi dynamite, sent u a mail, u never replied. check your filter messages...........
check your filter messages still,,,,,,,,,,,just send me a reply........ok?
umeak, why not tell her that you and she are the same race? now your profile shows that you are Chinese, she may think that you are Chinese and she may not be interested in other races. wink
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