Oscar® 'WokeFest' Erupts In Violence - Chris Rock Jokes 'Bout Will Smith's Wife...

Will Bítch Slaps Chris & Reveals He's Commissioned By The Almighty To Spread Love. teddybear


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boxing boxing got to admit i admired the manthumbs up
I reckon Mrs. Smith would concur smitten
And There was a Hot Time in the Smith House Last Night, you Betcha! ... banana

Forget the Woke Crap! Chicks LUVS On "Toxic Masculinity" ... love

Ain't that So, FedEx?

Oh my gosh Mic, my bad I didn't even read your post. Should I delete mine?

I'm more into the mechanics of this outburst.

Thanks Mic..teddybear
. Leave it up - The More, the Merrier, sez I! ... cheers

My respects Mic.

You're my hero.teddybear
Thanks for posting that as I don't watch the Oscars but I like both Will and Chris, shame on them. Publicity stunt?

hug Fay.

It's Certainly Plausible!
The viewership ratings for Awards Ceremonies has Tanked in recent years ... yawn

EVERYONE's buzzing 'bout THAT Awards Ceremony!! ... conversingconversing
Prob'ly generated More Interest than the past Ten Oscar shows ... COMBINED.

If it WASN'T a publicity stunt ...
Someone who does Publicity for the Academy Awards has GOTTA Be thinkin' ...
"WHY IN HELL DIDN'T I COME UP WITH THAT?!?!" ... frustrated

Gee whiz .they can't pull the race card this time .can they?
Smith made a massive cnt of himself immho. He should have retaliate by an equally 'painful' joke not by a cheap slap. What a prickster.
It might be something to do with a wife who cheats on him constantly, but I doubt it's defending the honour of a wife who cheats him constantly. I'd go with compensating for a wife who cheats on him constantly, lashing out as the humiliated and manipulated victim of a sadist not that it makes okay. Being a scientologist, the member of a cult can't really help neither.
Growing up watching his mother abused by his father. I think this time He could not allow his wife's condition to be cracked as a joke. Good , we need this kind of men who are ready to protect their women.
But it could have been good if He was able to control his emotions...
Jesse Watters of Fox News says this is the first time the mainstream media reported on black on black violence.
funny thing. acedemy wards say they don't condone violence at any level for any thing. the hill has a short report.

another outlet admits it's almost unheard of see any type of reporting for black on black crimes.

the view has a loong circular explanation of why "they didn't remove the black man". by whoopi round couch of course.

mom does interview stating never seen that from will before.

however, once upon a time in russia, a reporter/prankster?, that DID deserve the slap...

BREAKING || Will Smith Goes Berserk - Bítch Slaps Known Universe!!

It wasn't by CHOICE - It went out on LIVE Coverage of the otherwise Insipid WokeFest.

Other instances of coverage of Black on Black Violence - Heavyweight Title Bouts.

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