US Army Reduces Its Numbers as It Struggles to Find Recruits Who Want to Enter Military Under Biden

In 2021 Joe Biden abandoned US bases in Afghanistan and armed the Taliban with $80 billion in US military equipment.

13 US military men and women were slaughtered by an Islamic terrorist Joe Biden let out of the prison at Bagram Air Base.

Last year, in 2021, the US military targeted Republican naval officers with phony investigations to get them kicked out of the US military.

Democrat lawmakers used the anti-American hate group SPLC and “cancel culture” to attack members of the US military.

The Biden administration imprisoned several US veterans for participating in the protests on January 6, 2021, including US veterans who never entered the US Capitol that day.

Joe Biden faced a massive class-action lawsuit over his vaccine mandates for the US military.

So it should be no surprise that the US Army is struggling to find recruits who want to enter the US military under the current regime.

The Army this week admitted it was having problems recruiting and announced an unprecedented reduction in its numbers that would shrink the active duty Army to its smallest size since World War II.

“We’re facing, obviously, some challenging conditions in terms of our ability to recruit and attract talent,” Under Secretary of the Army Gabe Camarillo said at a press conference on Monday.

Camarillo blamed a “very tight labor market” for the Army’s recruiting woes.

“What we’re just seeing is given the particular conditions of a very tight labor market, our ability to meet all of our projected recruiting goals were a little bit challenged in FY ’22 and FY ’23,” he said.

Camarillo said the Army’s end strength, or total number of forces, would go from 485,000 soldiers currently to 476,000 in fiscal year 2022, which ends in September, and further down to 473,000 in fiscal year 2023.

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interesting topic willy.

even though i served once, was stating my case earlier somewhere else, as to why i never would now.grin
Getting rid of Trained & Experienced Personnel -
Trying to Replace 'em with New Recruits -
While POTUS senile Casper Milquetoast gaffes the World closer to War ...

And Military Recruitment is Down a mite -
Go figure ... dunno

See My comment directly below Dragon's.

That and what's in the OP, 'course.

uh oh

they did a pretty good job. i might want to watch them a little more. a little humor going on there.
They had a Very EASY Job - Merely pointing out what POTUS's Own Press Secretary had made PAINFULLY Crystal Clear ...
" ... It's a pattern of Horror."
foot in mouth

thumbs up Read On Balls NAILED IT, Jen!!

The numbers are also dropping because of the mandatory covid jab for military personnel.
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