R a n g e ....} IX.

Tag. } L O..} Ladies Only...) No kidding.

Sum future punk will feature himself / herself
As a bi- Romantic, A s*xual unit.
But as long as McBob has Range
The soldier of Fortune has bravo
And the spy-- that is, [ U $ spy.
Has one good eYe.
..the time & the situation & the music
Will collide into perfect whimzee..id est, let me
Show ya the way $he accents the color of her hair....
054. .father of abundance
4986. Pleasant discourse.
5040....)...u s. S py. // . .pu**y.roll eyes
McBob.) .. despite the change of tempo & or mass..
..the energy is continuing...per law One.
( The system ) scroll is rolling up...and
...winding down...law 2, entropy.
1517..a thong...............3395. compassion
3523. a mattress..........1645. produce*[ tion.
5040. .the w0wman...*.the number of sub-Ordinates
.. increase at a fixed rate despite the means of production....the Work expanding...so as to fill up
..the time available for Completion..- Parkinson
1576.. good service.) Benefit
3464. ..
sleep .. sleep ) nipper Nap.
- 1619...scratch.) & standard deduction
3421. The people pour forth....[ Logic by Dr.Strong
........ 1581. Labor | work............1890, Madison NJ.
..........3459. El hears..
3447.. extend......) ..thus, his dictionary goes on &
...on in perpetual Energy of relevant discourse..viz.
2446. Darkness of yah.
2426. Army x rampart
4872. Moshe. ) From the water...
...the doctrine shall fall as rain...
...( The full spectrum rainbow UN disclosure..)
Gen. 9:11.... rainbow covenant
Deut. 9:11...2 table covenant
Job 9 : 11....eYe see him NOT.
1 Sam 9:11 ..is the seer here ?
Numbers 9:11... Passover signage..
Enoch 9:11....Yah ] .knows Everything.
Mark 9:11...why do the Scribes say, Eliyah comes first?
McBob 11:9...) Just establishing the warp speed preface to 20 / 20 vision...
..11. mystic eYes / them
.o9..he ] blinded me w/ science / Dolby
20...20 / 20 ..) the graveyard.
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As usual, the Google payload had sum weighty
Addenda to my mCphysics...
@ Kathy loves physics & history..
... notice the 15 minutes of rhetoric + science
It takes a bona fide physicist to explain the
Physical definition of law 2. ) Entropy

Notice the shorter version.. pop Code
A legal matter / the Who [ ?
2nd law ) muse.
Time keeper / Laws.
Thus, when $cience is fully declared, per the law of heat / work equivalency..) law One
..it argues STRONG for intelligence
.by making rubbish of all non sensical " theory".
Making time / the Creation
5,4,3,2,1 / Mann
Yhwh / U 2.
...( The name here is a function of Time..
....who is & was & is to come.)
1902. ..a music notation
1166. To have Dominion
3068. Yhwh.
- 2952. .a ] trip.
0116. .the Time ) is now.
Enoch...} There was an Opening & a 2nd house
. which is greater than the former. Therein
Everything was built of Tongues of Fire...
..it's floor was flames...& Above, Lightning and the
* .* Path of stars...*.
216. Owr { light or lightning
217..( 4...uwr | flame, East, open eYes x awaken.
433. Eloah. / .the ] Almighty.
...As above..
....$0 below......1740. washing
......................... 5892. Town
Pax Roma........ 7632. .(2... tongue of fire | flaming ruin.
.. government is not Eloquent , it's not Reason
IT$ FIRE ! .A DANGEROUS SERVANT & FEARFUL MASTER. - Gen. G. Washington, - yesterday...

Heavens on Fire ) the Radio Department
Neon Bible / arcade fire.
Flame / R. Laws.
per the law of heat / work equivalency?

As in:

m.c.DeltaT = F.s?

c=specific heat capacity
DeltaT = change in temperature
F = force

If that's the case, I'm impressed bobby pal. That can be correct. handshake
You cover so much, but the meaning is not lost.
The meaning comes to me as I read, because of the beautiful flow of the words.
BUT I can read it again tomorrow and find something I missed.
Thank You!
happy place
Isn't that a problem? Language is there to pass on information to your fellow human beings and perhaps machines too. If you reading twice and understand something else, then the language is not being used effectively imo.

In my view, we should be encouraging Bob to communicate and not monkey up with his keyboard.
Dr. Strong & staff did the heavy lifting...
.... people pretending they don't know what it is
I'm going on about are just being foolish..
Entropy will be UN kind to them. The 2nd law became a blunt force trauma event for me DECADES Ago.
..And in pool service, Entropy is what DRIVES the business model.
...yet there is ONE thing Entropy is afraid of-- in that
This 'alchemical thing' NEVER cries, "enough already."
074. Father of Light
143. Adar*(2....fire !..| 12th moon, Heb. Calendar
217. Uwr..( 4...see story above**
* And one r shy of radar.
** also oft times cited as just Ur.... visible in the
World of language as...UR gent... Uranium..
Carb UR aetor...urban...and 1 wandering star..
Viz., Ma' ur | Mars ) big Fire.) Home of a Volcano
That is the Largest in the System.
( & parenthetically..} the Byrd is not going to change.)
..hint.) the general Formula of ball point physics..
Z. Strong arm of the Law / Saxon
....y. S T R O N G./ G. Campell
X.....stronger Everyday. / Chicago

..even the curious whimzee of Strong's IMPOSSIBLE
Skip method*..yields food for forward thought..
217. Uwr / ur.
......5565. . support of Yah.
5782..uwr.) open eYes.[ Wake up.
...* No One is able to render a Reason for Dr. Strong's meandering skip method. He skipped 5,565 spaces in the above example. There R at least 100 other examples to be found. Furthermore, he makes one other mistake besides the 2 eYe have found, than the teaching aspect of my discovery falls apart like a Climate Conference featuring keyNote babbler, Jen Psaki.
Your opinion counts, but I don't agree.
It's not his writing that is the problem it's my frame of mind when I'm reading it.
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