1) Copy & Paste the Vid Link ...

2) Change the Link to
[ YouTube ][ /YouTube ]
But Close Up ALL The Spaces.

Y'all Students feel free to Practice in comments below uh oh
Using the link above roll eyes ... Or any Other of y'all's choosings.

Successfully posting the suggested vid will confer Instant Gratification on the Graduate.
Trust me on this ... grin


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But what if you don't want to use youtube?
I can explain way easier than you Mic

I'm not going to do that
And how do you post a pic, here and on forums, if you haven't got a blog where to store pics????

Thanks for your instructions about videos, Mic, but it's way too complicated for my little brain! confused
[ confused ]httttps:/[ /confused
[ You ]ht:[ /Tube ]
[ Difficult][ /Crap

] mumbling
Successfully posting the suggested vid will confer Instant Gratification on the Graduate.
Trust me on this ...rolling on the floor laughing

"Ol Joe running at the mouth again"

Keyed for the balance

rolling on the floor laughing
I I'm aware of tcowo other ways -
Some devices may be compatible with more/different options ... dunno

I suspect there is a way to link on my Nokia
Android phone...but the owners manual does
Not mention it.
Perhaps this will simplify things further.

1) the vid link -

2) Change ... ... into ... ... THAT'S IT!!

It's Exactly the Same for ALL Vids.
Prob'ly a bit more complicated than other methods, but it gets Easier with use.
After awhile, one developes 'muscle memory' & can do it Almost without looking -
Or even Thinking 'bout that one's Doing It.

How do you recover a video link that may have been deleted by design, any clue laugh
Hahaha thanks Mercedes for saying it, neither do I
Democrats tend to believe more news source and are easily manipulated. Polls would show how the election was stolen and the Hunter Biden story was down played.

Easy reference to posting facial video's also.

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