I have a question for the American women here..

I have been trying for years to find my way into the USA. Job hunting is impossible without a visa, and my country isn't some unsafe hellhole, so I can't travel to the USA to seek asylum either. That means, if I am to get to the USA, I will have to marry someone from there. However.. There is a slight.. Issue.. Namely that pretty much every single American girl I talk to, wants me to send money.

It's usually the same sob story: Both parents were killed in a traffic accident, and she now lives with her grandmother. She has no job, so she hasn't got much money. She then begs me for $100, just to get something to eat.. I have heard that story so many times, that I can smell it coming from a mile away.

Here's my question: Why does every single girl/woman I talk to want me to send money? Are they somehow being told that a man needs to take care of them. If he can't, then he's not a real man and not worthy of their time?

But - I will keep looking! I am not giving up on that!
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All I can say is be careful. So many have been scammed on dating sites according to some studies.
Hi Fellow Viking. Yo are not talking with American women but teenage boys from Nigeria. The are scammers, fake people.
As Danish you should apply to the US Visa lottery. Scandinavians have a large quota and get green cards fairly easy. I estimate you will not have to wait more then 2-3 years.
I don't know your reasons to why you want to move there but I can't recommend it.
Maybe Biden will pardon your for French? I would look into Canadian girl and move into Canada then walk right into ChumpVile. I might have to share my land with four Chinesse Sisters looking for ride on the gravy train. rolling on the floor laughing
Very mature! But Canada is better then USA for sure to move to if you can stand the cold.
I'd been in Canada if not for the Vaccine mandate, I can get duel citizenship but China swarm like devil in Canada town.. I've been their not since Eddie Rabbit died three weeks before,

I love cold weather
Yeah, I'd probably get a bit carried away and go down on the American women if I got a chance. Due to the current situation, I'd probably just tell the Russian women to put the bins out or make some borsht, which is pretty much business as usual for them I guess, but it's a political statement really.
PS: There are no American women here. There are no women, essentially.

I have several reasons why I want to move to the US. A lot of the things I like takes place there. As for the visa lottery, I had forgotten it existed, so I'm signing up for it when I can.
Great, a sausage festival.
A nagging suspicion that it's mostly cocktail sausage what's going around on here.
Canada is cold eh? I hear this all the time. Yes if you go far up North...............
A lot of Canadians are living very close to the US border
We even own a dessert the only one in Canada
So if choosing Canada make sure you go West we have a great climate...............wave
Honest I would get involved with a nice girl from Canada then you would just walk into the USA. I think I had a few good times in Canada. I danced and was about rapped in an Elevator in a Casino, They thought I was a famous a singer but they were drunk...
A desert in Canada? That's pretty neat!
Yeah, I'd probably get a bit carried away with a Canada woman too, if given half a chance.
My last ride to Canada was with a woman I met two weeks before in Maryland and we bolted to upstate to a buddies pad. Then four of us slipped into Niagara Falls and seven miles to the casino two couples. Women are friendly everywhere as long as you don't look like a hoodlum..
Plenty of American & Canadian woman on this site

Instead of whinging about a lack of licks over yonder

Mail them
Dessert is ice cream or cake. Desert is a waterless place. I don't know what she meant?
I doubt you are talking to American women - scammers are liars - they are probably men pretending to be women asking for money because someone somewhere will believe them.
Must be thinking of a Nanaimo bar, that's the only dessert I can think of that is Canadian.
British Columbia
But curb your cacti: Did you know there's a desert right here in Canada? Situated in the deepest dry belt that is the southern Okanagan region of British Columbia, the town of Osoyoos is home to Canada's only desert — and the country's “warmest welcome.”May 8, 2021
But it's have to be a cold desert like in some regions of Antarctica?
I never said I met this person on here
I am fairly sure she meant a desert, as in a waterless place
Osoyoos Desert Society
The Osoyoos Desert Society is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1991 to conserve and restore the biologically diverse area of the British Columbian Southern interior. This area had not been the focus of previous conservation efforts, even though it contains a large concentration of at-risk species and is one of the four most endangered ecosystems in Canada.

One of the area's main features is Okanagan Desert, a semi-arid region in the southern part of the Okanagon region of British Columbia, notable for having some plant species not found anywhere else in Canada. Another feature is the Osoyoos Lake, which extends into Washington state in the United States.

Osoyoos is very close to the US border
I get some mail but I offer them nothing and few get my reply and strait up hope you get what you be looking for.. I've seen many but only look at those profiles.

I have a one track mind up (North) professor
It's not only you that they are begging for money from.
They do it to all of us. I think most of the women on here are only looking for handouts.

It happens to me all the time. I'm learning to be able to see it coming but sometimes they still catch me off guard.
Dontcha think that men are looking for a handout when you take us to dinner and then expect us to sleep with you.dunno
If I take a woman out to dinner, I don't expect anything in return. Just a nice evening with some good conversation and some good food
No they are looking for a hand job to begin with.
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