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Willy ~ Not a good look for Saudi but since when have they cared ? Saudi never took refugees in from war torn muslim countries even though they have tailor made homes for same.
They are close with Russia as you know. Even if Biden has dementia/Alzeimers it is tacky for a large
Islamic country to allow this. Crass and vulgar.

They did not take any Muslim refugees in but built a gigantic Mosque and cultural site in south Dublin. Magnificent and full of gold domes etc., which cost millions.
GG I believe that's not the point of why they aired this pathetic scene. It's a part of their jubilation that confirms how the USA is destroyed under the hands of the enemies through the betrayal of the democrats.
Hi Lynay ~Thanks lyndsy, that was not lost on me as I know how tight Saudi are with Russia. Of course it was as you say but I still think it tacky to make fun of anyone with Alzeimers.
They are so wealthy and yet, have not helped the refugees, and let poorer countries in EU take them but still pay for mosques, there is a message there, a very political one.
I think Biden got the smell of weakness and hence this was the time to go in to Ukraine.
Take care wave
That's exactly my point GG. There's something going on that we might not quite well aware about it. I'm sure for a fact about this. There's a funding, huge amount coming from Saudi Arabia to RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS in the US, to BRING ALL SOMALIS here. Now the problem is, once they're here, guess who's money is spent to support them? Our tax money GG.

Why do you think that is? Why doesn't SA take them in their vast land. I KNOW WHY? So they can seat a big influx of MUSLIMs here. Infiltration I'd say. I watched the documentary aired on television sometime ago.
So why would SA mocked this imbecile? They're declaring to the Arabians that they've succeeded in DESTROYING America. The population of SA, has no interest in an imbecile man. Think about it GG.teddybear teddybear
Biden has lost respect . Empowering Iran is the number one middle east problem . Biden is doing that , the skit was not well done but because the Saudi government gave it the green light it speaks volume's . Biden is seen for what he is .
“Studio 22,” now in its second season, is a comedy show broadcast during Ramadan by MBC Group and available via the streaming platform Shahid.

The series tells the story of a satellite TV channel facing bankruptcy and its owner’s desperate efforts to continue running the business despite devastating losses. The new season has mocked other world leaders, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

So nothing new, TV often portrays world leaders in comic sketches, it's funny and meaningless to those who understand comedy, of course those with little intelligence will think it is factual, as shown by certain CS members.
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