I had told myself not to spend any more money..

While I am unemployed, I am on government benefits. That means limited spending on things that aren't bills. I make a HUGE batch of a certain dish (this case, sauce for pasta), and then I take 4 scoops of each, and bag it. I then let it cool down and place them in the freezer.

The last time I did that, I had meatballs for a month straight.

Anyway, I try to limit my spending as to not run out of money. Nothing worse than running out of money 5 days before payday, with nothing to eat.. I have avoided that every month by cooking a huge batch and freezing it. This month, it was going well. Until I remembered my family's annual Easter lunch. 15 people will partake in the feast, and we each have to bring an item of food. I am in charge of bringing the most important thing - bread. With the inflation hitting here, everything gets more expensive. From fuel to food. Thanks, Biden.. Anyway.. The price of bread has skyrocketed these past few weeks, so it gets expensive to buy bread for the entire family. I ended up with seven packs of bread, which took a sizeable amount of money. It HAS to be enough. If it isn't, there's a McDonald's right next to where we are having our Easter lunch. But generally, I am pretty good at judging how much bread I need to get in order to make sure everyone are well fed.

Will I spend more money before the end of the month? Well.. It depends.. I have enough food for two weeks, which makes it close.. I have a bunch of chicken wings in the freezer, as well as some one person meals. Even those one person meals have gone up in price. They are usually super cheap, but in these inflation times, everything is expensive.
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Frankly, I do not understand why Biden is being blamed for the increase in the price of wheat and fuel. It's Putin's invasion of Ukraine what is to blame for that. The world nowadays is a wee fishbowl. You pee in a corner, sooner or later, we're all gonnae be swimmin in it!
PS: Enjoy your Easter dinner with your folk. When I'm skint, I usually stock on noodle. One's got to chew down at least 4 packs of that stuff to alleviate slightly the hunger pangs though.
your right food is high, I hate it.. I still have chicken wings and I want to build a chicken run and have some birds on hand..

I'm into bread and water on this chain gang..

My next place and knowing I can dig a hole in the ground and running water even a spring I will fish and bring my dinner home to my mud puddle.
I have a whole shelf filled with pasta, so if everything fails I'll just boil some of that and eat it
It's because of the sanctions imposed by USA prices are up. Not the actual conflict.
You should go fishing. I eat all kind of fish, even small ones like Mört and Löja. Saves you a lot of money and good protein as well.
Wing Services | Inflatable Influence Inflation

The term came into use by the Banksters themselves. Hence I N F L A T I O N 1$ an
INCREASE in the money supply that bids up pricing
On account of the now diminished value of the
Currency in Total.
$um ballplayers are making over $20,000 per plate appearance - regardless of performance. Can you say inflated ego ? How about higher parking & ticket prices ?
Don't be fooled by that perfumed, non- Load bearing creature reporting network news. That animal is controlled outright by Banking interests.
For sum Time now, the Central Bank has taken a keen interest in population control ( read, reduction
And full Control of everything under the Sun...
.... standby..
Thank you! I finaly understand what you are writing. Not all though.
You should also start planting in 5 gallon buckets. Tomatoes are easy and everyone loves sandwiches with sliced tamatoes

Buckets are cheap and potting soil and a plant to each bucket is movable and can relocate.
It's because Biden is seen as useless.

Ukraine is an addition to switching off the world to try and switch it back on again. People want to spend like they've been stuck at home wanking and crying, but they've been stuck at home wanking and crying so there we are. Easy money backed by a bunch of wankers doesn't get very far.
I am not the biggest fan of fish. I tend to avoid eating it, even though I know it's good for the body
I could look into growing my own tomatoes. Maybe that will be a source of income, if I grow enough..
Think of yourself as in the TV show alone. There they put people in desterted areas and have to survive on clams, snails and fish. If you can't afford a steak catch minnows. You don't have to care about the bones. They are so small you will not feel the. I have this round net that can be dropped from a bridge or a dam.
When the Nors is running one can catch huge numbers and they are very tasty being a salmonied.
I Öresund finns massor av fisk. Prova där.
laugh laugh

I must agree. It's a step forward.
You sheep like to celebrate your collective ignorance.
Try bringing original content to the picnic
As opposed to being in a hurry to repeat the pablum you learned on TV... capiche.
Elements / Atheist
Nothing else matters / Metallica
Darwin ! / Banc of Soccoroso.

Critic : in English please.
McBob ; it's FM radio, McFly.
And his back to normality again.confused
I worked in an apple orchard when I was 14 in the summer and enjoyed fresh apples and It takes about seven years for tree to produce fruit. Some friends and I snuck into a deserted plantation that had fresh peaches and picked some bags. The weeds were three feet high and was infested with rattlesnakes. I never went back but they did.. Pears they all make good wine and jam.
Blackberries and red are easy to pick and knowone with experience can pick a pint an hour if you find the plant. One year I found blackberries the size of nickels and was hot n humid that.
Medium sized wooden boxes Philipsen You can grow Lambs lettuce, it is absolutely delicious and easy to grow. I grow Strawberries from hanging baskets and they are profuse and delicious if you hang them on a south facing wall, Same goes for tomatoes. I love cherry tomatoes. I am hoping to save up for a glass house but a modern version , you know the ones I mean, I hope to grow blueberries, fruits and veg but in a small way. The rest of the garden is wild flowers and herbs. Have you ever tried svavanging ? it is very trendy now but it was done during the last war. People go out with a basket through woods and other places and gather dandelions, all of the Dandelion can be eaten and is very nourishing, Ditto Nettles and it is delicious when cooked or boiled and full of iron, a great blood cleanser. There are mushrooms to gather [be careful ] and also truffles. It depends on the time of year, I eat mostly beans like chickpeas and they are delicious with a sauce and other beans. Grow potatoes if you like them and you will be surprised what little money you can live well on. Dandelion tea is delicious. I grow mint too and that is nice in hot weather and also nice with a salad.
Philipson, I hear often that there is such a shortage of truck drivers.
Is it totally over for you now? That would be such a shame to now have wasted
all you learned........................frustrated
I can totally relate to your situation.
Though I am Filipino self employed business owner and tax payer.
Everybody should learn how to budget money.
The staggering price of essentials brought about by the pandemic is unbelievable.
Pork and beef in our country is expensive. If I have beef cutlets w/ bone in.
I make beef stock. Also rice porridge.
Pork prepared by me have TVP( Texturized Vegs. Protein).
Lakeside Pork is P124/ can in S&R. Fresh lean pork P180/halfkgs.
Mixed w/ tvp for tasty spring rolls, nuggets and picadillo.
Being semi vegetarian in the past year.
Lots of Tofu in stir fry, oyster sauce & sesame oil does the trick.
Food budget is not compromised.
Healthcare insurance here is expensive.
The money I save on food expenses goes in my:
Medical voucher(P800) and life insurance premium(P500,000/5yrs)
If I ran out of allowance . 3 options I have.
1. Pawn gold jewelry
2. Collect payment from people who owes me money
3. Withdraw from savings account.
I wish you good luck on your career and financesheart beating
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