A little science for those here who tout ivermectin

Some history presented by the wonderful Dr Karl Kruszelnicki - Great Moments In Science. The discovery of its benefits in treating parasitic infections resulted in sharing of the Nobel prize along with the use of Artemisin for Malaria

That audio may be unavailable in your region so I'll include some small quotes from the transcript:

Dr Karl is always worth a listen in my opinion.
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Interesting scientific review, makes you wonder why anyone would take ivermectin to attempt to cure a virus.doh
Indeed! Interesting to see how thalidomide has also been 'repurposed' since the tragedies of pregnancy side-effects of the 60s
Get your Mind off that de-Wormer and enjoy!grin

Brasileirinho - Mark Levesque & Judy Handler
Fargofan ~ Yes, the illnesses from parasitic infections as you say rampant in the poor hot countries of Africa and India and anywhere the sanitation is bad, water is not safe to drink and where people are all sleeping in one room and also using animals to carry loads and these animals are not wormed nor do they get any vetinary checks , add to that Meat that is not fresh or cleanly prepared and you have the perfect storm for
Parasitic infections. It is sad to see blindness that could be cured so easily and these awful lymphadema type arms and legs and other disfiguring conditions due to parasites.
I am wondering how people could think that Invermectin could be an antidote for the Covid Virus ? but I am not a scientist. I am aware that Statins now have been shown not to be that effective for heart but still good for clots and also Dementia and other neurological decline in humans.

wine PS Garlic, Turmeric, Curry, as you know , help against meat that may have gone off and Garlic is
fairly effective for prevention of parasites. M.E. and other western illnesses is parasite based
along with Epstein Barr Virus.
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