Musk backed OUT on the Twitter deal

JUSTIFIED? He's being sued.

Counter sue is the name of the game.

Disclosing all of the current practices on this company, Musk is vehemently proposing changes such as transparency.

He's scrutinizing all the management criteria to make sure he's able to control everything specifically eliminating fraudulent practices such as fake accounts.

Obviously there's a lot of anomalous parts in the real number of accounts presented.

44 billion is the number. The latest today, 4/25/2022

Yipeeeee Freedom of speech guaranteed.

Quite honestly? I'd have preferred that he'd start one similar from ground up and that'd be better.
Well from Offer to rejection to finally closing it.

I couldn't be happier. teddybear

Yep that's the latest Today.dunno
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I have been following his journey since he came to the world's spot light and I am at awe as to how it all began.

It's not like he inherited a big chunk of dough from anybody. No. He simply followed his dreams. Pursued it with vigor and courage and here he is, the richest man on earth.

What makes me admire him so much isn't just his incredible wealth but his attitude on almost everything. Above all his humility and respect for anyone who contributes for the betterment of his her life and eventually this whole human race.
Musk made an offer, not a done deal as of yet. The board meets at 10am. The stock is trading far below the offer price.
About E.M., Jordan Peterson thinks he might be a reptilian....and Elon himself said he was an alien.

Were they just joking? dunno
What does it matter. Free speech forever for everyone!
I hope musk gets what he wants. The left needs to again respect others who might disagree with them. yay go musk.
Bid was 54.20, stock is trading at 46 and change now, up a little. Maybe another bid will come in from somewhere else.
How is it now? Happening yet?wave

I'm sure given his position, he'll make it happen.
I just went on twitter and every post I saw was either from or about Musk. I love it.
He's offering to buy 100% of Twitter for 43 billion.
Johnny the video I watched about him is that he said and quote:"people think I'm an alien, I don't think so " but he does say we're already part cyborg as long as we use our phones, or any gadgets use for communication.

What do you think Johnny, there's a bidding going on as we speak.

Thanks for being here Johnny.
That's the most important one Chris.

Tomi Loren got banned for a day by simply asking the democrats to pitch in her fuel costs. Literally of course, imagine that.
Here's what I am thinking Chris, if they sky rocket on the price. He doesn't have to buy it. He just start one similar in structure and function and can even call it "birdytweet". Or something to that effect. I'm thinking the world will all be there.

What do you think?


That's going to take over all social media.
He's the coolest guy on the planet Willy.
A very humble guy from for his wealth.
I saw that Shawn and I hope it will get done.
LindsayJones ~yay What an unbelievable amount of money, It is ubelievable wealth.
Free Speech for all ~ This is great news. I can't see how he won't be the new owner. Wow !!
It is so uplifting to get news like this with all the negative stuff going on.
Thanks for great news. I have been busy today and did not read a Newspaper yet. bouquet
Please God.
The latest is he's not going to change his offer. The stock last Thursday was at 45 dollars and some points per share. As it is with his offer of 43 billion, it jumps to 54. As it is, shareholders would be happy for that rise. Sell it or keep it, doesn't matter, it will only go up.

Take it or leave it, is Musk's position.
Lindsy I was just watching news and it seems Elon Musk risks losing a lot of money with his buying of Twitter as most of his money is tied up with well known motor company. I know the first bidder is usually made wait incase a better offer comes along but I think it is in the bag. Take care.
JUST IN - Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud, one of Twitter's largest shareholders, rejects Elon Musk's bid.
Swamie ~ They never accept the first bid so he as major shareholder is probably in charge of the bidding initially. I would say they won't get a better offer. He will hold out for more as much wants more.
I don't know

As expected, The bid was rejected. Elon will sell his shares. Stocks will is history


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Enjoy your upcoming Easter
may not be all bad. offer made. by not take the board position and being limited to just 14.9% shares, he's in position to buy even more as long people will sell.

could turn into a hostile take over to reverse the hostile censorship.grin
I have a strong inkling Elon Musk's offer will be taken up. Not too many people with that type of money to buy Twitter outright. I could be wrong of course. I hope not.
Proof that Asperger's isn't always a disability so much as a bullish obsession often with the truth. A bullish obsession with the facts over and above the lies that normal people need to tell themselves every day so as to get out of bed in the morning.
I say all this with the utmost respect. The thinking man's autism simply won't pay too much attention to what you should or shouldn't say and there are certainly instances in life where this is a positive.
At this position GG, there's no one who can do as he does money wise. He's offering cash by the way. As we speak He's got over 320 billion dollars. He could buy anything he wants.

I'm not surprised if Twitter wouldn't accept but it would be a big mistake. He can put up a similar one and with his popularity and persuasive approach to the public, he'd dominate the whole industry. bouquet
And it's a refreshing contrast to style over substance. Almost no one thinks like Musk anymore, to win simply because you make better cars? Old school.
Swami, I just posted that I wouldn't be surprised if Twitter rejects it. That's going to be a catastrophically dumb. Elon can create his own social media from the ground up and surpass Twitter. He can name it BIRDTWEET, TWEETINGBIRD, MYTWEET, OR ANYTHING. He can make it rise fast.
Yes, I thought of it that way Swamie. They'll regret it. As smart as Elon, there's nothing to stop him.
Well GG his offer got rejected but doesn't matter. He's going to quash that Twitter. teddybear
Irs really bad that there's a political motivation involved in the rejection. sad flower
Twitter is going to collapse. Everyone will now be leaving twitter and fb to join Trump's "Truth Social" instead. Pitty that is has collapsed already laugh
That is a possibility now D
Nice name.
Has there been any changes?
Twitter is a hub and been astablished , musk most likely would draw some people but not the volume of the population on the site. I spent some time on other sites looking for names on twitter hardly any float to other sites that have established a presence. He couldn't make a better site and have the volume of support. He was on google tube and astablished a platform. People lined his pockets with cash and I can't see him leaving twit.
I only know that if he wants something he's going to do it

I think his name and being a humble man will make him surpass Twitter.
Look what this Clown is chiming in with!rolling on the floor laughing

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