How to get banned from my home..

Yesterday, I was contacted by an old friend, who wanted to talk. At first I brushed it off, but then I said "I'm not gonna call you. Let's meet up in person". So we did. She arrived there, with her boyfriend and their dog. We then went home to my place, and headed down into the basement. At this point, my friend was pretty drunk. Smelling of beer, slurring her words and laughing about her dog potentially taking a dump in the kitchen I share with 5 other people. I kept saying that if the dog had to go, it would have to be outside. "I'll clean it up, no worries", was all she kept saying.

Strike one. When you are in other people's homes, you respect what's being said.

I wanted this to be over quickly, so when her boyfriend asked me "Can we see where your room is?", I jumped that that opportunity.

We went upstairs, and I opened up the door to let them in. Her boyfriend found my Lego, and was lighting up like a kid on Christmas. My friend then went outside into the hall, and looked at the door opposite mine. "Can I..?".. "No, you can't. Stop it." "But. Can I..?" "No, you can't. Please stop"..

Next thing I know, she's opening the door into the room. I grab her and pull her away from the door, and the guy in the room closed the door. Into my room we went, and I closed the door.

Strike 2 and 3..

I am normally a very calm person, and I rarely raise my voice, but the rage I felt inside me was intense. I told her, that you just don't open up the door to other people's private areas. After a stern talking to, I opened up my door and went "That's it for tonight. Get out.".

During this, her boyfriend also went "What are you doing? You just don't do that! Respect other people's property.."

She has now been slapped with a permanent ban from ever visiting me again. I can forgive a lot of things, but I cannot forgive something like that. Invading other people's private property without being allowed to is a huge no-go. Luckily I am on very good terms with the guy whose door she opened, so nothing will come of it, but if I wasn't, and if I wasn't on good terms with my landlady, that would have been immediate grounds for eviction. Something like that can never be defended.

I am seriously reconsidering ever inviting people into my home again after this.
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With friends like that you don't need enemies, but no need to ban everyone else too.
don,t blame you but not all your friends are like that????
This is how student dorms are. I don't think you have to worry about your corridor neighbors holding a drunk person against you. You know alcohol does inhibit normal behaviors.
Your episode is way down the list of what shit can happen in a dorm.
Just watch the movie Animal house.
You should have traded your Lego for some bed time with his girl friend.
Or have plenty of beer handy and invite them again.
Pretty shity of your "friends," not to mention the dog. Still, the oddest part of this story in my opinion me is the line... "Her boyfriend found my Lego," wtf?doh
Well, the alcohol pal. Is what it do to you. You might have lost a pal this way too innit though? How's she when she's sober?
This isn't a student dorm. It's a house share. None of the people living here are studying. Most are working, and a few don't have a job
I have my Lego out on display. As soon as they came into my room, her boyfriend looked around and spotted a Land Rover Defender positioned right next to my playstation
The only people I will invite over are family or people I know very well
I agree with ya, real friends don't do that...
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