Julian Assange - late night live with Julian's father

An interview with Julian's dad

Astonishing misuse of the 'justice system' - shame on America, shame on UK!
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Agree, shame shame. Maybe even a little small shame to the Australians as well
for not putting the whole 'weight' of their gov on this one..
but Djokovic was important, lol.

I can't watch it cos it's just sad. I know well that Julian is a prime sort human being.
Why doesn't the Australian Government intercede? F^^king wimps!
Wow, you're more outspoken than me, hehe.
Thanks for standing up to shit.

A man is being held as political prisoner,
or conscious prisoner here in the west,
cos some high ranking American demands it.

And basically, Ukraine has the same dynamic to it.
Europe should stand up. Will it happen?
I don't expect it.
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