Faith and obedience

Faith is needful,faith in God.
faith without obedience is not enough man to get saved.
So obedience is needful.
Faith and obedience of truth of God make possible man to be saved from sin and from evil.
Two greatest commandments:1. Love God with all heart.., and your neighbours as yourself :
is most needful,without it you can,t be saved.
then is needful 10 commandments in exodus 20:2-17.
Without believing and without obeying truth of God you can,t be saved.
So don,t lose time,because soon will be too late,so take bible and learn, start with new testament
and then old testament.
So pray to God to help you in everyday life,and help you to understand bible.
Start now to love God with all heart.., and love your neighbours as yourself.
This will help you great. you will see a change in your life,from from doubt to faith and from disobedience
to obedience. keep pure your heart and you will see God one day and forever.
You belong to God, so come to God and God will come to you.
God is love and is Good.
Life without God will lead you to rebellian and sin and suffer and troubles.
So live life with faith and obedience to God, and you will be saved and you can enter heaven and be happy
God bless.

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