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Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia has successfully tested the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, saying the weapon capable of carrying nuclear charges will make the Kremlin’s enemies “think twice”. The Sarmat – dubbed Satan 2 by Western analysts – is among Russia’s next-generation missiles that Putin has called “invincible”, and which also include the Kinzhal and Avangard hypersonic missiles.
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Article by: South China Morning Post.
Maybe have a dinghy ready to row south (?) laugh
This seems to be mostly bluff from what I've read. It's better than its predecessor because it has some rather interesting anti-ICBM defence systems avoidance technology but other than that, it's no big deal. For example, it seems to still uses liquid fuel. The US has moved to solid fuel ages ago. That is what I'd call a gamer changer.

Anyhow, I sure hope no Sarmats land on our heids because it's gonnae be a BBQ. uh oh
Got a spare room? uh oh
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