When your city starts having $€X with you.

McTag.} With all manner of foul play.

Big doings in big F today. A much needed rainstorm & a public hearing on the Tower theater.
I heard via KXEX the live performance of our "city Council." My worst suspicions confirmed : the City has $pied the State & Federal operations & has weighed in on the side of IN$ANITY.
IT$ going to lay waste public money to "SAVE THE TOWER"....just like it saved Granite park [ mcNOT.
..like it re Vitalized downtown...laugh
And it's going to argue it's case in court with it's legal Losers....losing more money.
Ironically, the ADVENTURE CHURCH currently occupying said property is also in the Wrong-- but unless you are aware of Fresno happenings, I doubt you would be interested...our own Mayor has said; "95% of Fresno is not interested in the Tower District."
..[ how right he is on that point- at least.]
This story first came to my attention on a Sunday morning sum 11 months ago. I was on my way to the Travel Lodge for pool service. Then eYe noticed a tribe of howlers picketing a church service that was still about 90 minutes from opening.
3 weeks later, same bat day, same bat Time, the Howlers had multiplied & amplified... sporting diverse & fam. Friendly signs ...such as, " ABORT JESUS."
...I shouldn't have to tell ya, what side the local press is on. The dysInformation from the Fresno Bee has been EPIC from the jump...as the saying goes.
... standby..
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On my 5th drive by of this property I got the message...it was time to select another route to the job. Massive police presence & more howlers than ever...out numbering church supporters 50 to 1...that is a conservative guesstimate.
Fresno Under Carnival Knowledge...part 2.
...an Enterprising Phisher Farm took the City
To funky town for $600,000. All efforts to find the Phisher and/ or reclaim the lost money have proved fantastically futile.
..it is rumored that Standard & Poor's have now
Rated the big F @ triple C...
Like, do you mean your city's fkn you up? Well, it's never too late to lose one's 'purity' innit Robert, mate?
$0 you got that one did you ?..
...a Legal Expert here explained what the city Council just did...
First, they R going to pay $2 million over the asking price for this already protected landmark.
Then, when they pay out another Ten mil. Or $0 for all the Legal bullshit their decision has enjoined,
Oh no…no no no. May as well just burn it to the ground then.

Ashes to ashes.
I got another idea instead of burning it to the ground. A safe place for the homeless to go. I mean care about people more than a building. Come on. mumbling
…and we have enough churches.
Stay tuned for the Exciting chapter
...when the City aborts the baby it made...

I also learned the Mayor has veto power over
The council's decision.

Tomorrow @ 0800 bat Time...I'll be cruising the area.
The howlers are expected to be out Celebrating
Their "victory" [ read, Elimination of Tower theater as an entertainment venue.
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