My Mathologer 'Feynman point in pi' t-shirts arrived yesterday

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You may notice the 999999 sequence in red occurring at the 762nd digit.

I have been watching listening and using Mathologer's youtubes for a few years, with pleasure, and felt it time to make a contribution in return.
The Feynman reference is probability apocryphal, and is unsubstantiated of course, but never mind.
That reminds me my bedside copy of Goedel Escher Bach remain bedside unopened for years despite the new year's resolutions for 2022.
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Of course my version is English, not Italian, but the cover image has changed in the current edition.
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I have a t-shirt that says My Password Is The Last Six Digits of Pi. I can only remember the first five, which is more than most people.. laugh
I recall 14 digits to echo the 3.14 but more memorable are the continued fraction fourth approximation 355/115 which is so accurate for such a small denominator.

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Last 6 digits? If you talk base pi or log pi arithmetic that would work.
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