Redneck custom cupholders for the truck or van

Now I've seen everything... rolling on the floor laughing

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I would have glued green Astro turf onto the cinder block so it wouldn't look so "tacky."drinking beer
I would tell Trump to sit behind the cinder block.
admit it Raph,you have one in your SMART.laugh

rolling on the floor laughing
Wouldn't that block between the back seats become a projectile if you had to slam on the breaks, raphael?
God you are fast Galrads. Now if I could just figure out what smart means.
Relax, Trump loves you whether you vote for him in 2024 or not.
Trump said Putin was a genius like himself when he invaded Ukraine.laugh

I've got the video if your knot gets hlp.comfort
F ing spell check. " If your memory needs some help"comfort
Ralph I always knew you were just windbagging Trump all the time. With it being a projectile you are being a true caring friend to tell him to sit behind it so it won't hit him when the brakes are stepped on or when you drive it into a wall, rolling on the floor laughing , what a caring man you are, hug tongue
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