Straight out of Orwell - Biden admin creates 'Ministry of Truth'

Panic in DC. No, this is not parody. The Democrats are losing control of the narrative. So they've set about establishing what can only be described as a modern day 'Ministry of Truth'

The 'Disinformation Governance Board' is being set up under the Department of Homeland Security, and will be headed by Nina Jankowicz - a person who herself amplified the lie that the Hunter Biden laptop story was 'Russian disinformation', ahead of the 2020 election.

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Oh and she believes the USA is systemically racist
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That's quite an undertaking Chance.
Suspect they're losin' their shit over Elon Musk acquiring Twitter.

Sandy Cortez (that'd have been AOC back in her bartender days) is a flake -
With a Genius for Self-Promotion.

Rb should post that BRI, manifesto. It's an elaborate plan led by these deep state proponents have designed to destroy the world as it is. NWO is the end and yhis BRI is the vehicle to accomplish it.
Hate to break it to you but the US is systematically racist through history and up to the present. You could find this out but I see from your election blogs that you see things through a distorted Trump filter.

Growing up my town, my school, restaurants, movies, hospitals, bathrooms, even water fountains were segrated. Today they are not, but we still have cops killing blacks for no reason. Blacks are much more likely to be stopped by cops for no reason.

Remember when Trump pretended Obama wasn't born in the US? Racism in action.

Remember Tea Party people at McCain rallies with signs showing Obama as an African witch doctor and Michelle as an ape? Their little girls were not spared and it was shocking.

Did you miss Trump calling covid kung flu? Yeah, that's not racist. Then he tried to ban immigration from nonwhite non-Christian countries. Remember what he said about Mexicans? He even doubted a judge's qualifications because of his Mexican heritage. Racist to the bone yet you don't get it.

Somebody posted about Trump's violations of fair housing laws by rejecting black renters who were as qualified as the white people who were accepted. Trump had to settle with DOJ. Kushner has similar racial discrimination in his properties. Look it up.

You haven't lived here so if you want a true picture of the racial state of the US you will have to do a lot of study and open your eyes to the truth.

There has been progress but there is still a long way to go, and Trump was a giant step backwards.

If you promote the cause of a racist, what does that make you?
IntoTheWoods, I hate to break it to you but you are so blind. The only wrong thing you see is about Trump. Look around you, gas price? Putin invading Ukraine? The lowest approval ever for a president? Yes, Biden has the lowest, lowest approval. Do you know what does mean? Oh you deny that too. You're having a TDS and good for you.
Do you know what does that mean? There's so much less people who likes this stupid Biden.
We like Biden so much we elected him to the Presidency. laugh

We know who the stupid ones are.
Biden is stupid and he's not fit to be a president.
Poor Into,slurping the Left's Koolaid by the Bucketfull!
He just can't help spreading Dung either!
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