Russian TV appears to be lying to their audience.

In an article in the UK's Daily Telegraph, a media watcher writes his own personal view on how propaganda is changing in Russia, the invasion is now about fictitious Nazis being the reason for the war, and that civilian deaths are minimal.

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Of course, Putin is trying to play on the patriotic feelings of the Russian people by making up parallels between the illegitimate war he started in Ukraine and the NAZI invasion of Russia in 1941. He's just trying to drum up support for his war. I suppose he's worried the public's opinion is not on his side.
There are nazi elements, symbols and more. Zelenskyy allow it.

Does that make the azov battalion end the rest real nazis
or are they just using such symbols to scare? Unclear. I find them scary.

The propaganda war includes lying and exaggerations on both sides.
Still I think our side is worse, but won that info war:
the masses here in the west agree with you Riz by the looks of it.

Okay, gotta fix this one spelloe (the rest can stand haha):

' Does that make the azov battalion and the rest real nazis (?) '
Every country has the fringe groups of weirdos...that hate..

Best evidence of Putin’s truth calling it an “operation,” instead of what he really has declared...a war on get back the riches of the country....and the territory that was once his...
Grapevine, do you think he has the right to invade Ukraine to fulfill his goal? I mean for the world to allow it?
I’m not Grapevine...

Nor, do I like any wars....

I will leave that up to the know it alls....that know what is best for all.
My apologies. Gone, I am sorry.

My question was your personal feelings. Of course there's not anybody nor any organizations that are blanketed with the so called "know it all" or expertise in making a decision. For me that doesn't deny me as pleb, or not knowing it all to express my opinion. Having said that, thanks for your answer.

Going back to the OP, I believe Russia is not going any further without realizing the world is on a collective effort to defend Ukraine.
And this man Lee Camp probably generates a lot of influence on his followers empowering him to keep blabbing his propaganda.

The last thing I heard is that NATO, had deployed standby military warfares along Poland's west area?
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