Vladimir Putin set to vanish for cancer surgery, mystery Russian Telegram account says

Vladimir Putin may soon vanish for a period as he is due to undergo surgery linked to cancer, according to a new claim.

He has allegedly secretly nominated his hardline security council security secretary Nikolai Patrushev - a former KGB counterintelligence officer - to take “control” of Russia while he is incapacitated.

Shadowy Patrushev, 70, is seen as a key architect of the Ukrainian war strategy and the man who convinced Putin that Kyiv was awash with neo-Nazis.

The extraordinary unconfirmed claims come from General SVR Telegram channel, which first raised issues of Putin’s health - including abdominal cancer and Parkinson’s - some 18 months ago.

They come amid speculation that Putin will announce all-out war in Ukraine, and order mass mobilisation of military-age men. Such a move would be seen as high-risk since many may refuse to fight.

It is suggested Putin, 69, has already delayed surgery, which is now unlikely to take place before he presides over the grandiose Red Square 9 May Victory Day commemoration of the defeat of Hitler.

The surgery had been scheduled for the second half of April but was delayed, it was claimed.

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I don't know what to makes of these claims. They said that H. Clinton had seizures and she did not. They, to this day, claim that Adolf had a single testicles and several other yada yada, and it is not true. Seems like that whenever they want to attack politicians, they claim that they're sick of something. That said, the media claimed that trump was retarded and he actually was dumb, deaf and retarded. Not sure what to believe anymore. dunno
The UK and Russia have a long established network of agents and double agents. I'd be inclined to believe that they are capable of learning secrets and verifying them.
Yes, never changed. The rules of the games just got more complicated but the game remains the same.
That's certainly the case. However, I think it is safe to assume that the west is engaged in a propaganda war (nowadays also called misinformation war apparently) as we speak. They know very well that Russia is nowhere near as sealed as China, for example, and thus information trickles in from the west all the time. I suspect that someone behind the scenes is really hoping the Russian people make a move of some sort.

I guess we'll see as we go along
It's a great time for speculation and I love to hear peoples opinions and of course offer mine but on this I haven't a clue. Having said that I can't think of any way the people can do anything. What do you guys think?
Same here. Haven't got a clue. The waters are rather murky thus far. We'll have to wait for the next bit of information to show up, I'm afraid.

It's not gonnae be easy for the people to do anything in Russia. The regime does not have any qualms to strangling a revolt in its cradle in whichever way it takes, and unlike Libya, no one is going to enforce a no fly zone over Russia, for example. Yet, if the status quo is to change in Russia, it will have to be them to do it single-handedly. Even then, it may all be futile. I suspect that the 'gentleman' Russian politician/s with whatever it takes to make true democracy work in Russia is nothing but a pipe dream.

*to strangle a revolt
To be fair, these stories come a long way.
MSM still controls.

Russian President Putin Health Rumours & Truth Analysis

Former member of the United Kingdom’s Parliament Louise Mensch shared a link to an essay she authored earlier this month. She hypothesized that Russian President Vladimir Putin might be disguising a health condition.

Putin’s behavior throughout the meeting has drawn notice; besides being seated in the corner of the table throughout, he seemed to be slumped in his chair and lacking in enthusiasm.

The conversation brought up that the two were discussing Mariupol, which is under siege in Ukraine.

If I was doing a meet concerning my fellow country men fighting and dying in a war, would I be full of beans and look all chirpy and happy?
Definitely not.
To conclude that someone has cancer just because of that is beyond far fetched imo. Really, this seems to me to be the west's equivalent of Russia's claims about NAZIs in Ukraine. Guess we'll have to wait and see dunno
You post a lot of rubbish Willy
Aye. He's republican. laugh
Useless to speculate as without a face to face neurologist assessment it is impossible to know if Putin has Parkinsons' and no medical fact has been issued from the Kremlin about any possible cancer.

A better question may be "does Putin believe in karma"?
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