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I recently applied for a job at a warehouse in a city called Skovlunde, which is about an hour away from where I currently live. Yesterday, I was minding my own business by watching The Big Fat Quiz (a real show), when I got an email. The headline read "Job interview", which made me pause the video I was watching and sit up straight.

It was from the company I had applied for. They want to see me for a job interview on Wednesday at noon.

Oh boy, here we go! The chance for me to get a full time job!

I have a lot of experience at warehouses, and it's one of the few industries I feel most at home in. That might sound weird, but it's true. I love walking the aisles of a warehouse, picking orders for people. The last warehouse I was at was a dream to be at. Nice coworkers, good food and the hours weren't bad. The salary wasn't bad either. We're talking the equivalent of $1000 every two weeks.. Sadly I wasn't going to be able to stay there, since it was through a temp agency. But not I have the chance to be employed full time in a warehouse, picking orders for people, while getting a decent salary as well. On average, the monthly salary for a warehouse employee here in Denmark is the equivalent of $3533 per month, depending on how long you've been there, the hours you work, if you work day or night and how much experience you have. I have pretty extensive experience, so hopefully I will earn a salary where I can maintain my current lifestyle, which isn't that expensive. So far, I have spent the equivalent of $232,37 on food and drinks for the entire month of May. I am not going to spend any more on food at the moment, because my freezer is PACKED. No, seriously.. I can't get any more in it. I will have to empty it out before I buy more food.

Speaking of emptying out.. One of the tenants here moved out the day before yesterday. I had the feeling that she had moved, because one day she just stopped coming home. She had also moved herself from the official house Facebook group. Yes, we have that here. It's a good way of relaying information to other people. Anyway.. She is back in her home country, because she had to sort some stuff out, so she had her New Zealand friend come and pick up the stuff she had here. Nice guy. Anyway, he forgot some things, so I wrote her and said "Your friend forgot these things", which I was told to keep. So now I am the proud owner of some tiger slippers that are way to small for me, and a bathroom scale. I am not sure what size those slippers are, but I know she has super tiny feet, so I am definitely not sure that I will be able to fit in them. I will try, but no high hopes. I also said that I hoped it wasn't because of any of us in the house, that she moved out. I think it's because she experienced the death in the house back in February. I think she never really felt comfortable living here after experiencing that. It was a brutal experience. She just moved in, and then someone dies. It can knock out even the best of us.

Other things that happened last week: I might be sick again. It's weird.. During the day, I feel fine, but when it comes to sleeping, I get extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes my heart just races, while other times there's nothing. It might just be something that passes by itself, but if it continues, I will contact my doctor. I should have contacted her sooner, but I don't want to sound like a hypochondriac.. "Hi, yes my heart is racing and I have an upset stomach help please".. If I have to go to the doctor, it has to be so severe that I fear for my health. However, I am not at that stage yet. We'll see what happens.

For now, I will make sure to get the job tomorrow.
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3.5k per month is not that bad. Is that pretax? What's the cost of living over there like? Say a single dude living in a bedsit.

Down here you need to be an expert in something to earn that. You'd need at least 1.5kEUR/month including rent just to get by. It's starting to becomes shite expensive down here.. I reckon it's time for me to leave again. What a world we live in.

Anyhow, plenty of luck for you interview pal.
Good luck landing the job. As for the heart racing didn't you mention in the past your fondness of daily energy drinks uh oh
I hope you get the job.

Since your experience is extensive, you should have a very good chance. And after that try to apply at the one you got from the Temp agency.

If I were you I'd consult mu doctor because it's better to prevent a major illness and also easier if detect early.

Good luck. Next time don't buy a lot of food. It's better to not refrigerate them for a long time.
As far as the slippers? Give them to someone who fits.wave
Phillip, if I recall you’ve had the shots and booster, I strongly suggest you see a cardiologist. GL
Thank you. I haven't been drinking that many energy drinks these past few weeks. I had one four days ago. I am almost certain that is is caffeine related, because today I was violently nauseous, but it went away when I drank some coca cola. So I think I need to go on a complete caffeine detox. It's gonna be a long road..
I have had both shots and one booster. I am 99% sure that my current discomfort is due to my pretty wild intake of caffeine. We're talking energy drinks and several cans of coca cola a day. I have been cutting back on it, and once I did that, I started feeling awful
signs to be aware of:the carbonation in your drinks can calm down the stomach reducing acidity......

While many people recovering from COVID-19 have no lingering symptoms, some are experiencing heart problems for the first time.

“We’re seeing a lot of patients with symptoms of palpitations or an increase in heart rate with minimal activity, where prior to COVID, they weren’t having any of these symptoms,” says Riple Hansalia, M.D., a cardiac electrophysiologist at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. “That’s been pretty common in our practice, nationally and worldwide.”

Signs of Concern
Contact your doctor if you have had COVID-19 and are experiencing any of the following:

Unusual fatigue
Feeling your heart beat rapidly or irregularly
Dizziness or light-headedness, especially upon standing
Shortness of breath
Chest pain or discomfort
What Will Your Doctor Do?
These symptoms can be caused by simple dehydration or by being out of shape after battling COVID-19. But your doctor will want to evaluate any new heart symptoms that you’re experiencing.

This evaluation could include:

A clinical exam, checking for dehydration among other things
Wearing a portable electrocardiogram for 24 hours to monitor your heart rate and rhythm
An echocardiogram—an ultrasound of your heart—to look for cardiac damage
Taking your orthostatic blood pressure, which means checking your blood pressure in a lying, sitting and standing position
I'm not sure if it's pre or after tax. I think it's pre tax. Regarding the cost of living, I pay 3900 for the room I'm in currently. 3900 DKK is €524,28, so it's not suuuper extreme. As of today, I have spent DKK 1707,81 on food, which is €229,58. Then I have all the other bills to pay as well, but I can make it all fit in my budget. Mainly because I have bought in bulk. 2.5 kilo hot wings, a big bag of cordon bleu and a lot of other things to put in my freezer. The general rule is that if you live alone in a small bedsit, you need to clear 15K minimum after tax, which is about €2016. But it can easily be more expensive. It all depends on where you live. Copenhagen is very expensive, but the city I am in is generally not that expensive.
The majority of the food I have bought is in my freezer. If I continue to feel like I am feeling now, I will definitely see a doctor. However, I will see if a caffeine detox helps. If that does not help, then the doctor is next on the list
Sounds like you guys there have higher salaries and more or less the same cost of living we have here. Goes to show how bad things have become down here. I'm seriously thinking of jumping ship although kinda I would miss it here. Eh. A bit of a dilemma. We'll see.

Have a good interview. I hope you get the job.
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