Job interview update!

Today was the day when I was set to go to that job interview. I had another lined up on Friday, if this one failed.

I was up early, around 8. That's early for me, during my unemployment phase. However, I have no trouble getting up at 6 am, if required. I left the house 45 minutes later and took the bus to the company.

I decided to be my natural self - a very bubbly, extremely eager and very friendly person. I even wore my hygge shirt, which is a black hoodie with the word "Hygge" on the front. When I was on my way to the interview, I decided to play some Party Cannon, as a good luck charm.

The interview went great. I had experience in everything they looked for in a new hire. They asked about the salary, and what I was expecting. I explained that the last warehouse I worked in paid me 143 DKK an hour (about 20 USD and EUR 19,22), so around that hourly rate would be what I expected. To put that into perspective: I get 58 DKK per hour on benefits, so I get almost triple paid as an employee, if that salary was accepted by the company I applied for.

Fast forward about ten minutes. The interview was over, and I was given a tour of the facility. I had a good feeling about this, but I have had that about all the other places I applied for, where I got rejected. We shook hands and parted ways. I was told I would hear back during the week.

Twenty minutes later, my phone rang. It was a number I didn't know. I picked up.


"Hi, this is *interviewer* calling. I'm calling you now, instead of having you wait in suspense. We would love to hire you. If possible, can you start tomorrow at 8.30 am?"

"Hello. Yes, that's definitely possible! That's fantastic!"

"Great. We'll see you tomorrow!"

Wonderful! I am officially hired!
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... and cigar it is indeed this time round, pal! Well done! Well done indeed!
Congratulations! I hope that you'll enjoy working there.cheering
Thank you :). I know I will. It's a party store, with costumes and all sorts of party accessories. It's gonna rule!
A huge congrats hug

The job you have been hired for pays big money in Australia..Time & a half on Saturday..Double time on Sundays & Public holidays with all sorts of benefits
Did not tell you Philip but I prayed for you and I am so happy for you that it was answered.
Congrats. ....................cheering
Well done Phill, It's your party and you can If you want to. All I can think about is food and breakfast will be served soon.

Anytime you are being interviewed, pepper in the phrase “ Suck-it” very empowering !!!! Just be like “ as you can see in my last job SUCK-it” and your future boss will be like “ wait did he just say suck-it, I LIKE THIS GUY, he’s a real go getter” grin
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