So I gained weight

I work from home since Covid started, kitchen is just right beside my working space. I don't run out of snacks and drinks while I'm working.

I've been trying to lose some weight since the beginning of this year but during Ramadan month, I cooked a lot and plenty of food in every gatherings I went to.
currently weighs 127 lbs, I want to shed 15- 20lbs, I'm 5'2' and was 110lb before Covid. I want to go back to that.

I'm aiming to lose 5 lbs/week, might be too much but it's a challenge, I think I can do it.

5/4/22 18:28 = 127 lbs ( after BBQ party, 1.5 blueberry donuts and 1 cup of cappuccino)
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Crazy....... What helps in losing weight is not to have a store of easy fattening foods, because your mind knows they are there and keeps tempting you. Also as soon as you start to feel full, don't eat any more. Your stomach will gradually shrink then. Just a few tips.
little extra weight is not a bad thing...

In the movie industry...maybe...but in just general life...not bad.
Hi CH,

nothing wrong with a little weight. At times in my life, I've tried to add weight, where many people are always trying to lose weight.

But, whatever makes you feel better about yourself. I hope achieve your desired weight, and if not, you're always nice looking either way.

..and how much did they grow?
More cushion for the pushin I say , but some people can gain weight AND LOOK MARVELOUS, and you look OUTSTANDING.., with that being said , OHHH MY GAWD YOUR HOTTY!!!!!!! grin
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