Bitter truth

Just as a woman is looking for a good man, a man is also looking for a good woman.

Bitter truth: every person in this world is a mixture of goodness and badness, virtues and flaws. Nobody is 100% good and nobody is 100% bad. By the way, every person considers himself good from his point of view.

Goodness is liked by all, due to which man and woman are attracted towards each other. They become so blind in each other's attraction that each other's flaws are not visible, after some time when the passion of attraction subsides,
each other's flaws start showing then breakups happen. So be careful, If you are attracted to someone's goodness, keep in mind that they also have flaws, will you be able to accept their flaws or not?

The ability to accept each other's flaws determines how long the relationship will last.
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A lot of truth in this! thumbs up
Bitter Truth:

There is nothing beautiful inside our body. Our inner ugliness is covered by beautiful skin. If the outer skin is removed then the beautiful looking body will look ugly and on seeing it we will feel nauseous. Only the dirt comes out from all the holes of our body, yet some holes look very attractive to us.
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Mother-Nature is a big liar, she has created attraction in us by hiding the filth beautifully, so that the population of the species can increase.
Beauty, pal, is in the eye of the beholder.

Lol. Only dirt comes out of "holes"? Like, you did come out of one such hole at the end of the day innit? So did I and all the rest. dunno
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Beauty lies in our thoughts, in our minds, in our feelings, in our intentions. Everything gets ugly when it gets dirty.
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