The first few days as an EMPLOYED person!

I will never ever get tired of saying that! I am employed. Like, actually working somewhere, and getting paid to do so! It's absolutely fantastic!

I started out slowly, along with another new hire, a young girl. For the first few hours, her and I did everything together. The first task was to pack an order. We were shown how to properly pack it, and then it was our turn to pack. A few hours in, we were up and running, packing orders on our own, while asking questions if we had doubts about anything.

Thursday went well, and then Friday came about. That went well too. Our last task of that day was to take inventory of the three pallets that had been delivered. We decided to stay a bit longer to finish the assignment, an we were commended for that. It was good karma that we stayed longer, and it would help the staff on work during the weekend.

Then today came. Our first proper week there. Given that there are no packing and shipping during the weekend, meant that the orders were piling up. 209, in total, were sent out, in a span of six hours. That's around 35 orders every hour. Not bad for two brand new people, who have only been doing the job for two days.

This week is a short week, since I am off on Friday! That just means more to do on Monday.. But I'm ready for it! Bring it on!

Note: Yes, the new girl is single. No, I'm not going to make any moves on her. We're strictly coworkers
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You sound like you're off to a great start! I feel your excitement and note your pride also.
Continue to enjoy your new job, and the perks that go with itcheering applause
Welcome to the work force. Glad things are going well for you. thumbs up
Glad you are doing well on your new job.
I'm happy for you aphil. Hopefully you're going to stay in this job as long as you want. Have fun.wave
That's around 35 orders every hour.

What's the product that you're packing and shipping? Hope it's not drugs.rolling on the floor laughing
Just kidding. Good luck buddy.cheers
Haha, no it’s not drugs laugh . I work in a party supply store, so it’s everything from costumes to wigs, napkins, cups, straws and pretty much anything you need to host a party. No machines, though
So Philipsen you're all set for your next party as likely you will get a discount.
Don't forget to save money so you can get your driver's license.
Do you still want to drive trucks someday?..................jenny
My first priority is my own place. A driving license will come later. My trucking career had been put on hold
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