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I've been formulating this blog for a few weeks now and originally planned to name it "Freedom of Speech" as news comes across the internet daily about Musk and his purchase of the social media giant Twitter.

The conservatives are singing in halls he will resurrect Trump's account and free speech with reign throughout the land!
(That sounds like a line from a movie trailer)
A while back Twitter closes a few accounts that were in violation of their terms of service (TOS) and since Trump was one of them, he cries 'Wolf' and professes to create his own social media site to allow him full reign to Trump-style freedom of speech.
I'm not sure his site TRUTH is actually up and running after an unsuccessful launch with lots of technical issues.

Prior to the last presidential election, Yahoo had to eliminate comments to their articles as it was too difficult to maintain. Personal insults and misinformation were too much and they closed it down. Were you one of the readers that said it infringed on their right to free speech?

Don't be mistaken. Musk purchasing Twatter won't make the site exempt from limits as your level of free speech isn't the same as everyone's level of free speech. They still have to act in a professional manner and expected to post guidelines for members to follow.

It's only a matter of time if Twitter becomes a political free-for-all, then some accounts will be forced to be closed. Proof of that would be accepting Nazi and extreme-wing hate groups.

Free speech actually does have it's limits.
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"Free speech actually does have it's limits."

Indeed. It belongs to the owner of the medium, not the consumers. In this case it's Musk and his website. I can't force him to run my babble any more than I can force LA Times to run my walk-in manuscript on the front page. Americans are supposed to learn subtleties like this by 8th grade.
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