Back to feeling 100%

Ten days ago, I started feeling weird. Rapid heart rate, dizziness and nausea. I narrowed it down to too much caffeine. I then began a caffeine detox, and two days ago, I felt the effects of the detox. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling the best I have ever felt in a week. I am drinking a lot more water than I used to to, and I am eating a lot healthier. No deep fried foods, and no food with a high fat content. A lot more salad as well, and my body loves it.

So I'm back to feeling 100% again, and I love it! I can now concentrate on work.

I also asked my coworker if she wanted to go to the cinema one day, to which she said no. I went "Oh, okay, I'll just ask someone else", and went back to work. I didn't get defensive and ask "Why not?". A no is a no, which is final.

I might ask K if she wants to go..
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I had to give up caffeine a while ago, was getting anxiety from it. Not good when its in stuff you like but hey, better off without it than having it and getting fked up because of it.
Yes did the same but due to insomnia...better sleep and concentration...all
Good for you Phill had a thought about K why not call her eleven. I married a K and dated 2 k's after that in a row believe me I talked in my sleep. If I was with K and talked about K in my Sleep K didn't know which K I was referring too.

Number 2 K was hot #1 was an expert in boiling water and gave birth to my son, 3 was just K and to flirty and I don't play that way. rolling on the floor laughing
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