Do women own themselves or not?

Roe v Wade. This issue is being dragged this way and that and way over there!uh oh I am pro. But, do agree that limits make sense. That embryo has the POTENTIAL to become a human after it goes through its evolution. So giving 15 weeks makes sense. One month to find out one is PG, one to think and a third to follow through. I would also tack on, 3 times done, tubes tied. It is NOT birth control. If one hasnt figured out where babies come from by then, she is an idiot.
But, what I see is there are reasons to not want a baby. Most women know the answer right away. If they cant decide til 6 months, they wont ever not wonder and cry. And often it is severe problems for a baby that will doom it to a life of pain and suffering and limits. Banning a way to safely end that pregnancy is a way to put women back into back alleys, wrecking their bodies, tossing babies into dumpsters or beating it to death at some point. Or the sire doing it.
Since women found themselves in a situation, they have used some method to terminate. Coat hangers, herbs, trauma, suicide even. Instead of imposing some others will on them, regulate it.
And leaving it up to the states makes a modge podge mess. The richer travel and pay and the poor end up with another mouth they cant feed.
I see that those who order a woman to bear a baby, no matter what, cling to the saw, adoption. Good. So will you take that infant who is drug addicted at birth with severe medial issues. Oh..sorry..too busy, not available. BUT, someone ELSE will. Will you adopt that high risk baby that will need you to be a caregiver for the rest of YOUR life. Uh..well...uh... someone ELSE will. Yeah..thats what I thought. Like that home where the child will sit unwanted til put in another institution or kicked into the street at 18.
Is this country going to emulate the Taliban or Isis..or China? Or the Handmaids Tale. Or are women the best judge of their lives?dunno
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It is the Buddhist view at conception female egg, the male sperm and the subtle winds join together and (in case of a human rebirth) the cells start dividing and it is at that time of the joining all the building blocks of the human being are present and the being exists.
Taking human life is exceptionally unskillful, killing your own past mothers is exceptionally unskillful...
Themselves, they do. Certainly, they do own themselves. Their children, however, they don't.
I always been pro choice. In my own life however I been utterly careful not to impreg
nobody, more so than her often. Does it lead to folk being more uncareful? I don't know..?
What is the number here, 12.000 a year or something...
but down from the height at 15.700 in 2010.
America's foundation is different from mostly every other country...the Judeo-Christian concept of a single deity "God"

In 1776 Thomas Jefferson wrote these words in the Declaration of Independence...."We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights" This is one of four references to God in our founding document.

Science tells us that human life begins at the time of conception. From the moment fertilization takes place, the child’s genetic makeup is already complete. Its gender has already been determined, along with its height and hair, eye and skin color. The only thing the embryo needs to become a fully-functioning being is the time to grow and develop.

More importantly, God reveals to us in His Word that not only does life begin at conception, but He knows who we are even before then (Jeremiah 1:5). King David said this about God’s role in our conception: "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb . . . your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be" (Psalm 139:13, 16).

Now, placing all that aside lets look at it from a different angle......

Every Sunday while driving home after Mass (40 minutes), I listen to a talk show on 'Abortion'. Each week a different woman is a guest and describes her situation. These mainly funnel down to two issues: 1)the mother who aborted her child at usually a young(er) age and 2)the woman that contemplated getting an abortion, but ultimately decided to keep her child.

Their answers are fundamentally consistent under either of these 2 scenarios. The mother who aborted feels the pain (daily) for what she did 20, 30 years earlier. She says the following: Fear, lack of resources and selfishness. The other mother who contemplated giving up her child then says she thanks God every day that she didn't now, 20, 30 years later.

It's important to know that, to me, it seems like it's variable factors that leads to abort...fear seems to be the most common....what will their parents say, what will their friends say, how will they provide, it's not the right time etc..

The mother who chose to keep her child, albeit, at the time was facing an avalanche of decisions. Ultimately, they say; Prayer (it's a Christian channel). They prayed to God for guidance and answers to their concerns....and ultimately chose life.

What we're seeing now in many states is the approval of killing the child up to the time of birth and in some instances up to 28 days AFTER birth.....

If you believe in the 10 Commandments, Thou shalt not Kill, #6 is significantly 'up there' in sense of importance. We are being demonically oppressed right now, and I pray we turn this ship around before we destroy ourselves.
you might want to take another look at the Founder's Concept of a Creator!
BTW,The Declaration isn't the Law of the Land,The Constitution is!
I'm for life dear.
I didn't say it was, however the Constitution is moot here as nothing in it references abortion.

Prior to Roe the abortion issue was handled by 'We the People' as each state was responsible for this matter. So, the People elect who they wish to run their it should be....and will most likely turn back around after Justice Alito's leak....

It's also important to understand Roe was a fraud (as admitted) and this 49 year sham was without question a political move....kind of like now with the vaccines, but as they say fool me once....
Ms Orzzz, two things I picked up at Mass today: 1) a bumper sticker saying..Abortion stops a beating heart. 2) a quote from Pope Pius XII that answers your Blog question.


".....every human being, even the child in the womb, has the right to life directly from God and not from his parents, not from any society or human authority. Therefore, there is no man, no human authority, no science, ... whether it be medical, eugenic, social, economic, or moral--that may offer or give a valid judicial title for a direct deliberate disposal which aims at it's destruction, whether as and end in itself or as means to achieve an end..."
I was referring to your erroneous assumption that the Constitution is based on the Christian Religion!
Is 12.000 ... 12 thousand? I Read somewhere that there are about 73 million aborted children a year globally. I am pro-life with exceptions.
Once again, I never stated the Constitution is based on Christian Religion. I said: In 1776 Thomas Jefferson wrote these words in the Declaration of Independence...."We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights" This is one of four references to God in our founding document.

Three documents: Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights

At the same time, the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are different kinds of documents with different purposes. Hope this is clear....
pro life
wrong again Conrad. Seaworthy posted once upon time US Constitution is a UK Act and so is Australia's which is contaminated with christian notion of a one god. The British Crown represents the views of the Anglican Church.
The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 is a British Church of England Act.

Whereas the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indisoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established:
it has the load of shit humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God enshrined in it , which of course is a load of shit because there is not even the slightest chance the is a one god, one creator, that is just pure rubbish created in the minds of a couple of clowns wandering forty days and forty nights listening to voices in there heads, madmen
It is funny that the sanctity of life worries about an embryo. Yet babies and children are murdered, beaten, sold, raped and more. Or that the old are mistreated, abused or murdered. And that wars rage, gangs kill and disabled suffer pain while having no life other than machines and institutions.
Why not worry more about those already on this earth?
When it was decreed, go forth and multiple, the entire population of earth was counted in the thousands, not millions.
Religion is used to save lives, rationalize and wage war. All of them are hypocritical. Do as I say unless it benefits the leaders of that religion.
In my opinion, it is not a matter of sanctity. It's more about the absurdity of enacting laws that facilitate the murder of the most vulnerable members of society.
So a toddler beat to death by a parent who didnt want them or an 80 year old vet beaten to death on the sidewalk doesnt count more eh?
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