Rainy Sunday afternoon and memories

I love the rain. The smell of wet pavement reminds me of my dad. The rain is my second favorite...I think the wind is even more amazing.

My very first memories is when I was 4 and it was raining....and my grandmother was chasing my sister and I around with a newspaper as we laughed and ran around in circles trying to get away- in our little sunday dresses....it was very magical.

I wish I didn't have so much to do today, because it would feel great to sit around and listen to the storm outside.

Which reminds me- I once met a woman who said she remembered being 6mos old.....what is your very first memory? How old were you? I've been told that whatever your very first memory is, is indicative of how you percieve your life....i.e. if it was a scary memory, you have a theme of fear in your life, if it was a happy memory, you tend to have a positive view of life, etc. Any thoughts on this?
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I love rain too, I love rain and i played alot with rain when i was youngapplause Rain rain go away come again another day !!wave grin
Hi Moon! Me too! Love it! I have many memories of just running around in heavy rain, playing in puddles etc...too bad more of us dont do that these days! haha!! applause
i still get out in the rain i love the rain it's so peacfull and calming but i don't go out in thunderstorms tho lol.
If you like the rain move to Ireland ,must get more rain than any other Country.banana rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I would love to live in Ireland! I went there a few years ago and it was great :)
Isn't it just the best when the weather is rainy and gray and you have no where to be? You snuggle under a nice blanky and read a book with a hot cup of tea (chai is my favorite too) or watch a movie and munch on popcorn? Even better is if you have someone to cuddle with. smitten smitten smitten
Yessss! I haven't had one of those days in a long time, nor will I have another one until at least the end of summer. blues

Too much going on...no time.....

I just noticed how fitting it was that you live in a city called Golden. angel
i love the rain also, had some great days with my ex when it rained. i would take off work and we would lie in bed with each other talk among other things.oh well i guess it dident rain enough. now i am not as fond of rain have to stay in by myself.
Venus. I respectfully disagree with the chai thing. scotch makes more sense.

my first memory - i remember when i was coming out. i looked so hideous. my dad was crest fallen. my mom cried. how could they have given birth to such a child. and i was like. what the f*ck? as if i was responsible for this! hey, dont blame me for ur fault.
Mr. Pitts-

I'd be willing to wager you were wearing sunglasses also.
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