Whew!....what a week.

Except for Monday, the last few days were quite busy for me. I enjoy driving (most times), but getting caught in meaningless/no obvious physical reason traffic, tires me out.
Making it to my appointments on time (mechanic and dentist) wasn't usually the problem, but having to wait for up to an hour for service is yet another thing that saps my energy (and patience).

Add to that grocery and clothing shopping, as well as a trip to the beach (for Sweetie's benefit, more than my own), and staying up late due to having a bit of Insomnia, and ....
Thank God that I'm retired now;-)

Even next week seems to be shaping up as a busy one, so I guess that I'll just have to make a concerted effort to take my MVits, and find ways to limit my time on the road and in traffic.

Let's see how it goes.....blues roll eyes dunno
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You are rather amazing thanks for sharing keep good.
First world problems. You could be havin it a lot worse.
Thanks for the compliment Leevibe549. Keep good toosmile
1. I'm not a "First world" native.
2. Yes, it could be, but I thank God that it isn't
**I could be having a worse time, but I'm grateful that I'm notsmile
Would you get there faster on an electrical bike?
Those are very pop here.
So then you could drive your car to the mechanic. Leave it and pull out your secret weapon: the el bike, hehe. No more "cross town traffic so hard to get through to you" as he sang. dunno

tip hat
Damn your retired old self! Too much shopping and beach trips. What can we say? laugh

Grand, my dear, if I could hire a 'driver' that would really be much better for me, especially to make the long distances. When I'm out-and-about Sweetie is usually with me. Not to mention that I'd need space to put shopping items, handbags, shoes/slippers, food/snacks and drinks, personal care items, etc. (lol!)

So, whilst an electrical bike would be truly adventurous (dangerous, too, maybe?), it wouldn't suit my immediate needs, and they aren't popular here. But thanks for the idea...wine hug
Thanks much...I did...memories of a past lifehmmm daydream
Plenty of life left to make more memories applause applause

Will do, Exred. wine thumbs up
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