femininity and masculinity

Nature has designed the body and mind of woman and man in such a way that together they can make a beautiful and happy life. Nature has given femininity to women and masculinity to men. Different qualities and responsibilities have been given to both.

Femininity and masculinity can be seen in many different forms in women and men.
Motherhood is the most beautiful form of femininity. And fatherhood is the most beautiful form of masculinity.

How many more forms are there?
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These gurus say a lot of words but they mean very little. They keep going in circles endlessly. dunno
My position on this one Lee is my acceptance that we're naturally born the way we are. If there's a discrepancy in that creation, then it's not the fault of the person. I am no judge to change them or punish them for who they are.

My cousin is my example. I supported all the way as to what she or he prefers.
The purpose for which Mother-Nature has designed the male and female body and mind, behaves accordingly. The femininity of women and the masculinity of men are automatically reflected in them. Provided that no ill-will prevails over them.

When need turns into greed and self-respect turns into ego then femininity and masculinity both get contaminated.
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