Pols & MSM Take Big Pharma Donations/Advert $$$ (Hush Money??) - And Do/Report NOTHING.

very mad

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I believe anyone who takes these drugs should be utterly monitored and watch Mic.

Seriously. If there is a common denominator that identify these kind of behavior it should be factored in for analysis and eliminate it to prevent more damage.
Corrected version.
Mic how did it happen?
See also..
Programmed to kill by the late D. McGowan

McBob. } Literally 10 minutes into the breaking
News, eYe noted the weird similarities to the
Original [ 8/01/66 ] tower sniper
..the number of dead
Beginning with his grandma...crying
Stop making bloody excuses Mic FFS

You people don't have a conscious at all & how you gun whack jobs sleep at night is bloody beyond me..

America the land of greedy heartless nutters
!8 to 80 ^^^ blind crippled and crazy &&&&&&&&&& mostly deranged from whiskey d*ck

Strickly d*ck
Just a question on this, How many of the Children were in private schools v's Public? The real problem is most serial killers acted alone in general. but
Problem is alcohol is an antidepressant so they are mixing fire, water and oil in my book. Not a good mix for ones mental state.laugh
i often forget that there have been many links to "prescription" drugs for such things.

but i will never forget how members of congress will beef up their own armed security and other measures at will while refusing to protect and serve the vulnerable as they encourage higher crime rates. their policies are for them. not the people. many systems are broken at the family and educational levels.

if they did anything to help protect our schools and children, what would they have to lie and twist about, in their march to disarm the general population? it's not all mental illness. there are some bad people no matter where you are. some of them will act accordingly.

even now, it's about gun control, which isn't needed. protecting and serving with in the same manner members of government will enact for themselves is what's needed.

much of the chaos is created by them. they haven't raised any bars but lowered them. things get worse as it seems more young people are starting to act out in the criminal direction.

if you have to be 21 to drink and/or smoke, it should probably hold true to vote and purchase fire arms. hand guns have an age requirement of 21 i think. might as well make it rifles and voting too.
"if you have to be 21 to drink and/or smoke, it should probably hold true to vote and purchase fire arms. hand guns have an age requirement of 21 i think. might as well make it rifles and voting too."


So take the rights away for Junior Hunters and make the draft a killing age for 21. No one should have any rights.
why not? apparently government has already decided they aren't responsible enough to choose tobacco and alcohol. why should they be allowed to vote or buy rifles?

as i recall, when i used to hunt as a teenager, it was with adults and the rifles weren't mine to begin with. couldn't legally own one but could learn and practice with family and friends of the adult age.
True at 12 had a hunter safety course and was allowed to Hunt alone at 16 and not allowed to supervise anyone younger and still was aloud to have a firearm in my hands in hunting season. Signed up for the draft at 18 as uncle sams killing machine.
i did like rifle hunting. somehow always preferred bow season myself. still do. it was one of my grandfathers that got me started with bow. other relatives with rifle. my dad started me with fire arms and safety from a very young age. he was a vietnam veteran.

i didn't sign up for draft though. looking at that potential college money and other aspects, i joined right out of high school. wish i would have had more guidance for that.

i wonder how much guidance is lacking now with some of these younger people.
I'm not sure that a GI bill could lead you wrong or four strait years of college with debt is any different. I been thinking about bow hunting and new laws allow a cross bow in Pa. plus more time lurking for game with a bow or cross bow. Tics are bad in the area and the dogs are infested with in your own yard. Always checking when my last dog was around.

I still have my Bear Stamp from 2001 rolling on the floor laughing
People all over the world take SSRIs. It's only in the US that SSRIs are causing mass shootings. Don't be silly. Look for the problem elsewhere. Basically, get real.
Miclee ~ Howdy,wave A very serious and senseless loss of lives. It has been dreadfully sad and it has also made me angry watching the coverage and the parents and siblings left to grieve is heartbreaking.
IF t his was a one off it may be upsetting but as you say, 37 Mass shooters were on Antidepressants, how many of the recent shootings were not on Antidepressants ?
I don't for one moment stand up for pharmaceutical companies who have medicalised everything from deep sadness, to a state of great turmoil in human beings that can be helped by a good psychotherapist whilst I do believe those that really do need antidepressants are those with severe mental illness and should not be given a licence for a gun or have any access at all to one .

One in three people in Ireland, UK and some of the European countries are on SSRI antidepressants.
There is no cure for Depression but it does help the symptoms in severe or clinical depression, the others getting them from Doctors are simply medicating lifes turmoils and spacing out people.

SSRIs block out Depression for those who are depressed, however most depressed people are over sensitive either from DNA or from their lives, particularly childhood and abuse issues, Depression is anger turned inward and in medicating it with an SSRI in particular, because of the ingredients used and the effect on neurons and serotonin and Dopamine, it takes the edge of reality, so the person on an SSRI on a medium dose will look at something very violent or sad on TV and will think that is awful but not actually feel it, I hope this makes sense.

Yes this is long but It needs to be said. SSRIs are , when taken in the first 3 to 5 weeks, a danger in that this is the time when changes in the brain caused by Prozac in particular, can cause the patient to commit suicide, in some the anger goes outward and they kill via shooting or do something crazy.

SSRIs are notoriously addicitve and people trying to come off suffer seizures, and horrific brain fog, a relapse in to depression which of course is withdrawal symptoms but which the pharma are calling discontinuation syndrome.
Taken for more than a few years SSRIs damage parts of the brain and make the likelihood of getting Dementia or Alzeimers up by 80% they also damage eyesight and can cause glaucoma, not to mention heart problems.

So, this long and weary reply which I doubt many will not read is boring but I am trying to say that the unhappiness and low moods and feelings of emptiness are coming from a world that [in the west ] is coming from the lack of real intimacy in friendships, living on smartphones and being online rather than in real company, it is also a reaction to the new god , rampant consumerism.

SSRIs are still being given out, most psychiatric nurses are not even aware of the longterm side effects.
Psychatrists are at last heeding the warnings of Harvard and medical journals.

The problem is a gun problem but somebody who is angry [and SSRIs make agitation worse ] will use a knife if there is no gun. They will kill with a hatchet if there is no gun.

The problem is more than Guns for hire to all but it is also the messing around with brain chemicals when a decent loving relationship with parents, siblings and somebody to talk to and a good counsellor would be just as effective. Again we have medicalised unhappiness.

Those who do need the psychiatric drugs are mostly docile, Medicalised zombies on Xyprexa , Lithium and other mood stabilisers to ensure they don't do anything wrong and they lack any type of anger anyway.
A friend of mine Her father was a cop and came home for lunch and found his wife in bed with another fellow and dropped his service belt on the floor and walked out and left. Had another fellow cop return and pick up his belt that was attached to his pistol. Told his children that he could have ended for this freak in sheets and never lost his job.

Another cop his wife was murdered and I was in that court rm and the state cop walked in had two other cops on each side escorting him in And the judge had his head down at the bench. Cop just said while walking in the room come on fellows let me at him repeated twice. Judge never lifted his head.

There you go. You've proven my point.

UK: 28 murders in 30 years
USA: 29 murders in 10 days!
Why is that? Because...
... US MSM publicizes mass killings - "If it Dies it Flies - If it Bleeds it Leads" -
How many Copycat Killers are thus produced?

Someone contemplating suicide sees a shooter make headlines -
Decides Dead Kids & Suicide By Cop will make him/her famous.

We may never Know For Certain, But -
The Uvalde shooter has the Look of both a Copycat & Suicide By Cop.

... -
How many Copycat Killers are thus produced?

Claim to be around 2000 serial killers in the US as last heard. Just thinking about mexico and there murder rate
They said mass shooters were marijuana users on Fox News.
Yeah blame everything except for the real reason & that is the person with their finger on the trigger

Keep making excuses if that makes you sleep better at night
The Trump losers aren't man enough to face the truth. The NRA owns their party, pays a visit to ever state and federal republican that doesn't Tow the line, and greases The hand of every leader that goes on their knees for them.

Dont let the fascists pry the souls from those poor innocent children's cold, dead hands!!!
thumbs up ... EXACTAMUNDO!!

The most Dangerous part of ANY Firearm is the Nut Behind The Trigger.

Hold PERSONS who Commit Crimes Responsible for the Crimes THEY Commit -
Rather than Blame Inanimate Objects owned by those who Abide By The Law.

That's the position of the NRA, GOA & other Gun Owner Advocacy Groups -
Well Stated TO A TEE!


And if Significant Numbers of Persons who Commit Mass Shootings are on certain psychotropic drugs -
Such as Antidepressants -
And those substances may be a Contributing Factor to the Criminal Actions of Persons who Commit Mass Shootings -

That makes those substances & their influence a VALID Subject of Inquiry -
See Mike Moore's commentary in my comment above roll eyes

Miclee ~ Back in the 30s Freud and othe psychiatrists were paid by the pharma companies then to push cocaine. It was given by spoon in liquid form and spaced out severely psychotic patients and many wer out patients. Of course it was highly addictive but Freud and his cohorts got a big purse for pushing the mood altering ingredient just as they do now.
Fast forward to the 50s and before when Phenobarbitone was given for Depression, Anxiety, and other mental disorders. Many did not have to be in hospital and Marilyn Monroe was somebody who took this drug along with many other famous people.
~~ Forward to the 60s and you had antidepressants that did not have the 'speed ingredients ' that SSRIs have and we had Nardil and others.

All I am saying is, in my nearly 71 years on earth, I never remember anything like the amount of shootings now. I am not speaking about Isis ,I am speaking about ordinary people in the street who get in to their van or car and shoot as many people as they can, children don't seem to be exempt.

It is too easy to blame antidepressants as there were always people who were deeply unhappy, who had clinical depression and severe psychotic illness but they did not go around shooting and killing people.

There is something else going on . In my humble opinion. There is so much fake news and violence on TV and Violent porn online and young people have easy access to it as well. There is a disrespect for human life too. This is not insanity it is the disintegration of humanity, the disrespect for human life and people who have psychopathy are more prevalent than ever. No cure for this personality disorder. Why is it on the increase ? It is a DNA problem. Just saying.
Good input, GG!

As you rightly point out -
Antidepressants aren't Solely the cause of the recent uptick in mass shootings.
But - as Moore brings out - the number of shooters who've been on psychotropic drugs Strongly Suggests those substances may be a Factor in turning someone into a shooter.

If we're SERIOUS 'Bout addressing the situation -
We should be exploring ALL Possibilities for reducing the incidence of these tragedies.

That would also include looking into more Realistic methods of securing areas such as schools than posting signs ASSURING Criminals No One on the premises are Legally Armed.

37 mass shooters on antidepressants. There was 214 mass shootings in America so far this year alone so 177 was not on antidepressants dunno
They are going all around the merry go round . Any thing goes. The vilest thing I ever heard came on social media, I won't even lower Mics blog by repeating it.

Once I asked a fellow hillbilly at work why the killers in "In cold blood" did it. "Because they were pissed off!" He said .doh
They did it because they enjoyed it - they got the biggest O of their lives out of it. Control and power. Take guns from psychopaths and certain brain damaged types, problem solved. They can still kill but at a vastly lower rate.
The Article cited in the OP was posted in 2019 - Three Years Ago.

Info on the number/ratio of shooters on antidepressants THIS YEAR was unavailable to the author of the article Three Years Ago.
For Obvious Reasons.

The Discussion is 'bout factors which may contribute to Mass Shootings -
Not "Mic's Logic"
Anyone whose comment is here - The above doesn't apply to you ... smile


Put Somewhat More SCIENTIFICALLY ...
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