Full-blown BDS...

If you thought either version of the TDS was bad, a new strain has emerged. It's called the BDS. You guessed it... Biden Derangement Syndrome. Crossing America in Pandemic proportion and it leaves no survivors!


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Is always more acceptable than

Basically same issue same coin but perhaps opposite side - still there is the pathological refusal to discuss the difference.
How Deranged must a US Major Party Be to run the Senile Last Living DixieCrat Cracker
And a Kacklin' stale tart who began her career on Willy Brown's ... * ahem * Staff wink

I.E. Willy Brown's Brown Willy ... ???

daydream Our Esteemed OP may've created the All-Time most Dog Piling Blog in History!


Ya'll be a missing it ...[ Cuz you bee thinking what the TV heads are $pelling.] ..
$0 here it is...
..the EXACT thing they feared from the Orange man
..is now going down at speed under Potato man.
And FOX, CNN, et Cetera...are eeirly similar on this
UN deniable point.

Standby..} ..there is more // Rome | omer*
* essential Heb. [ Omer = speech; promise.
@ mic....No Sir, the most dog piled Event was on the day Uncle Joe became Prez Elect.
And as eYe noted that very moment here at CS,
Ya'll missed that too. It happened @ warp Speed at
White House. Gov.
NOT ONE SINGLE CONGRATULATORY POST. hence they removed before too many others noticed. The next day Al Gore rhythm went into effect on the Google payload.
What is the OPs point? dunno
Wasn't he always complaining about Political blogs?wave hi Chris.
Lindsy wave

BDS is dynamic too

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site
Who's complaining??
I'm sending out an update...
Hi Chris!

High richard rolling on the floor laughing
You have done it many a times Chat. Remember when Loh_key called you out of your bias for not raising any complaints when Jim was flooding all by himself about Trump being this and that?
While we're at it, you're always posting about how the blogs should be? Didn't I even mention that there are rules by the owners of this site which explicitly explain what we can and can't do? And finally, that we must not talk about other members? I only respond to most of the negative comments of those who hate me. I never start mentioning any member in any derogatory implications.

"this loopy blogger has eight posts that are all nonsense", that was directed to me by your poster from Australia yesterday in one of your blog. Nonsense? Anyways yes, you complained more than anybody I know of about Political blogs which are ALLOWED, and now you're on it.
Hi Loopy! smitten
Hi Chatwave
I am happy we're chatting Chat. No I don't blame you at all when these haters attack me on your blog, not your fault. Remember I had respect for you when you deleted those nasty comments. I know you did it and not the mods because if it were the mods, it'd have said: "this comment deleted by the mods".

Now let's have fun and carry on.

Did I tell you my part time job after I'm retired is in construction? Just small business but very much in demand. We service five realtors in fixing properties before putting up for sale or lease. Hard to get good workers Chat, I pay them newbies, 35 bucks and hour up to fif max. I was laughing at your story of the wealthy customers.
Anyways good day Chat.

That's what I was thinking.
Ketanji Brown Jackson get appointed to one of the highest positions in the land and no one here seemed to notice.

The Announcement of her Confirmation didn't get much play in the MSM, either -
For reasons that'll be PAINFULLY Obvious by the end of what was Supposed tove been aired on News Outlets ...
If that'd been The Don - MSM would've had it making News Cycles for A MONTH.

That the MSM BURIED Justice Brown-Jackson's Announcement blew to Utter Hell ANY Doubt that they're Covering Up Ol' Joe's Cognitive Decline -

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