L A . [ Confidential

Tag.} A most impressive List ..{ A list.
...in a town stuffed & amended with gossip Columnist$ & trade publications, eYe have found a secret... first, check this list...( Which is by no means- a completed inventory..) John Ford...John Wayne
..Walt Disney....Henry & Peter Fonda,
Jack Nicholson
Dennis Hopper...| James Dean ?*
Col. Paul Tate .[ Father of Sharon
Robert Henlein.{ .stranger in a strange Land.**
L Ron Hubbard ..[ founder of $cientology
Ron Wilson Reagan. } .) . )...here is the best kept secret of Century 20....each of these people having spent quality time @ Lookout Mtn. Lab *+
Spanning over 6 Decades..and None of them chose to mention what they did there in interviews, biography's, or film retrospective$.
* Dean is speculated to have "been there".
**We know the writer was there from Location-- once upon a 1960's..living @ 8775 Lookout Mtn. Ave.
*+...the most prolific ( and the LARGEST !
FILM $TUDIO. in the World.
...part 2....and $eeing as it was a Film $tudio [ s.
In it's hey-day, the mystery compounds thus..
No one today can produce a film or negative print- nor name a "project" featuring that A list... while employed at said $tudio.
Thus the question 1$... What in the starry blue Fandango was going on there ?
A hint towards an acceptable answer is knowing what the property is used for Today...
Namely, a refuge space for Actors who need the latest new age Therapy for beating their various addictions & Legal problems.
...parting shot & wrap..
..it would appear the place had operational security the KGB would Envy. ..eYe think the reason NO private thought or opinion escaped from the Mountain..) .. superior Mind Control.
The cover story, btw, was Lookout Mtn studio was used to develop Air Force & Atomic Energy films.
This would not explain why you have stages, & the most sophisticated special effects & animation works the world NEVER saw...
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Pardon...add Marilyn Monroe to A list.
And the View from above 1$ spectacular...
...the Byrd home in direct line of sight...
Aka..10050 Cielo Dr. In nearby Benedict Canyon.
That property temporarily accomadating
Sharon Tate & Roman Polanski..( 1969...and um,
Add Mr Polanski to said List...
Neighborhood...& The neighbors..
..partial list of those living in the same zip Code, Laurel Canyon..1964 - 1971
Frank Zappa & wife
Stephen Sills, Dave Crosby, Grahm Nash
Peter Tork
Cass Elliot, Abigail Folger
Jim Morrison { doors of Perception
Joni Mitchell
Neil Young
Jackson Browne
Marlon Brando. ) Neighbor of J. Nicholson.
Eliot Mintz...) The Dee jay of record for the Era.
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