Is it time to lift any restrictions on the use of these substances? Why should the state decide what an individual can consume? Is the state more intelligent than its subjects? If drugs were sold officially, with any warning, then would there be a free for all to rush to purchase these items? Or would people use common sense before deciding to include the partaking of a particular drug in their lifestyle?
So many foodstuffs and drinks can be addictive, but surely that's down to the individuals intelligence and will power to decide themselves what they choose to do.
Should the state regulate a person's lifestyle and choices?
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Have said this many years ago, free all drugs as I feel this would stop the dealers.............and a lot of crime
Amazingly some are now agreeing with this idea
I watch some programs that show how much of drugs are still making it across our borders it is truly shocking..........Tons of the stuff.................
A new tunnel was just now discovered about six football fields long going from Mexico to the US
Let ALL drugs be free!!!
BCJ....... YES, you could be right. It would stop all the drug barons, unless they could provide safe, competitively priced drugs. But of course they couldn't because it would reveal who they are and no doubt they would be in other criminal activities and wouldn't risk being caught.
Many pop stars and other artists have experimented with drugs, which has enabled them partly to create well known songs. Musicians like, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Small Faces etc have shown their experiences in the lyrics.
It might sound like splitting hairs but I support decriminalization. The sale of drugs must remain illegal as they must not be promoted by the man in marketing.
CC.......If you decriminalise it, how do you stop the sale? What happens to people who sell it? Do they get prosecuted but have no criminal record? Or are they asked nicely to stop?
Dealers hurt other people so I don't like the idea of any kind of drugs merchant. Even doctors and pharmacists should be scrutinized for what's given under prescription. But when the victim of the crime is yourself this changes things whether that's drug use or some other way of shooting yourself in the foot.
Particularly in a liberal democracy I feel this. If harming yourself is illegal it kinda suggests that the individual is the property of the state, that the foundation of society is the state, but the opposite is supposedly the case. We are not state property, the state is our property.
If the drugs are obtained through legitimate means, how does that hurt yourself? If they are purchased from an unauthorized dealer then you have yourself to blame for the quality of the item
We've tried it in the past (think opium in China) and it don't work. That shite's so addictive that it would be impossible to have a functional society if that stuff is legal imo.

If it was addictive, you must have liked it, or found it affected your sensitivity.
Restrictions should be kept on most if not all of these drugs. Nothing good will ever come out of lifting restrictions on most of them. Using Cannabis for treatment of chronic pain, I can see this, but I can also see it getting abused by others.
Shawn...... Are you happy with the state protecting you from any choices you may wish to take and allowing them to take away part of your freedom to make your own decisions?
75% of the world would be like zombies, addictions stop one from working properly or seeing good and evil in the right way etc.
Road to disaster to just sell the stuff without restrictions.
Even pharmaceuticals have to do trials on new drugs before they can go on the market.
which trials on safety for a free drug trade ???? confused dunno
ER....... Before drugs could be marketed, they would have to be tested for purity and warnings clearly labelled. People should have the freedom to choose their lifestyle. They are not all stupid. Not everyone smokes cigarettes excessively or becomes an alcoholic. How do you stop illegal sales and impure substances?
Well, yes, the high (actually low) of opioids is amazing I'm told. Truly one of the best feelings in the world.
Goes to show how true it is that the most intimate self is nothing but chemical reactions and electrical pulses travelling around in the brain. There really is nothing more to us. The deep love you experience for your kiddies, wife and folk; the most profound disappointments and joys you've ever had. The strongest bonds you've ever formed with your fellow humanbeings. It's all just that.

That's how cold the reality of the situation is.
What you just described is only the communication system. The choices we 'make' are not in fact made by us. Our choices are made for us by Bacteria in our gut.
So next time you are choosing from a menu in a top notch restaurant remember that some microbe in your gut is the one making the choice. It is using your vision and communication system to tell your brain to speak to the waiter and relay it's choice.

Listen to your gut.

Enjoy! cheers
Possibly the cost of the meal choices would not be considered by your gut.
Hey Crown, you are right, take back control!
thumbs up
Experts say, that if alcohol was discovered today, it would be immediately classed as a controlled drug..
Mood altering substances have been around, since time immemorial. Maybe in a world where innocent children are shot down in schools; where planes are intentionally crashed into mountains; and children are sexually abused, by those calling themselves "religious" just, maybe, in such a world, some people will always need "something"?

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