Bush condemns wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of...

(wait for it)

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Dear Pot.
Yes - I am Black.

Signed: Kettle

doh Good Grief, Y'all!!

What a clown
Yes, I agree, real clown.
Now we know Chancer. I wonder how that is.
Freudian Slip?
Or another senile Politician?
Trump was deranged not senile.laugh comfort
Ralphie I believe you don't know what derangement is? Trump isn't anywhere near what you're describing him. You're worse than Trump to be deranged.
Bush. What an idiot. He invaded Iraq for no reason and caused the deaths of thousands.
I thought his reason was to stop WMD being built.
rolling on the floor laughing

Bush really should have kept his mouth shut on this one.
And so Bush should, any good thinking human should condemn the lunatics.

US$billions been spent on Christians killing Christians demonstrates a complete mental retardation, lunatics.

Can you be more specific?!
In the main the peoples of the Russian region been attacked by America and its flunkies, are i catholic & orthodox Greek and Russian with a few Muslim god believers on the receiving end of Biden's mass murdering shit.
Try google shawnthor
He's both.

He's Trump , so he can be the most tippy-top deranged and senile president of all time.rolling on the floor laughing
I thought the news scroll was joking. Nope..senile idiot number ?? living in their own world.
Russia cracks me up.laugh Reason to invade. The Donbos (sp) area was being fought over by Russian separatists since 2014. So Russia rushes to their aid. By blasting the living crud out of the whole area. Bombing them, destroying homes, factories, businesses, groceries and using their scorched earth method of war to obliterate the whole region.wow confused
Gee, with friends like that, who needs enemies.roll eyes
Takes one to know one,hmm,Woody?
No. If I were you I wouldn't take that roadcomfort comfort comfort
And caused a lot of traumatic situations for the youngsters. Hard not to hate the warmongering bush. I think back to my first traumatic experience and I was a toddler. Never gonaa forget and doubt those children will either. I just lay a wake and wait for the china woman to kick my door in and take me hostage. I learned some Chinese for that moment. I want tokey rodeo hung dung two for chin
Saddam Hussein and his two sons were utter scum. He did the country a great favor by crushing him.
Now this:

"Russia and the War in Iraq
April 14, 2003 RS21462

Now that the U.S.-led coalition has overthrown Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, the question of Russia's position on the conflict again focuses on political and economic issues, including Russia's role in the U.N.. President Putin still appears to be trying to balance three competing interests: protecting Russian economic interests in Iraq; restraining U.S. global dominance; and maintaining friendly relations with the United States. This report will be updated periodically"rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Democratic Russia's constitution was formally constituted and enshrined their Bill of Rights on the 25th day of December 1993. Dirty American puppet Yatsenyuk a follower of Scientology, a controversial religious group that Russia has refused to recognize. Biden's mate Yatsenyuk identifies himself as a Ukrainian Greek Catholic a church that makes up 14 percent of Ukraine's population.
Independent think tanks estimate the Muslim population at about 500,000, although some Muslim leaders put the number at two million. According to government figures, the majority are Crimean Tatars numbering an estimated 300,000. The Evangelical Baptist Union of Ukraine is the largest Protestant community. Other Christian groups include Pentecostals, Seventh-day Adventists, Lutherans, Anglicans, Calvinists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Jehovah's Witnesses, and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). After popular protests ousted Russia-backed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014, Arseniy Yatsenyuk was named the country’s acting prime minister, Arseny Yatsenyuk's sister, Alina Petrovna Steele, lives in America, where she moved in 1999, after her brother's wedding.

Serious dispute began in March 2005 over the price of natural gas supplied and the cost of transit. During this conflict, Russia claimed Ukraine was not paying for gas, but diverting that which was intended to be exported to the EU from the pipelines. Ukrainian officials at first denied the accusation
Then the dispute reached a high point on 1 January 2006, when Russia cut off all gas supplies passing through Ukrainian territory. On 4 January 2006, a preliminary agreement between Russia and Ukraine was achieved, and the supply was restored. The situation calmed until October 2007 when new disputes began over Ukrainian gas debts. This led to reduction of gas supplies in March 2008. During the last months of 2008, relations once again became tense when Ukraine and Russia could not agree on the debts owed by Ukraine.
1 Historical background
2 Disputes of the 1990s
3 Dispute of 2005–2006
4 Dispute of 2007–2008
5 Dispute of 2008–2009
6 2010 natural gas agreement
So your simplistic bias christian thoughts are misguided its not President Putin who's senile casting falsehoods no its youcomfort
Putin has been planning to subjugate Eastern Europe from the start. To plunder them and make his Empire rich again and a world power unequaled.

Trump was going to hand him NATO on a silver platter. Trump almost succeeded and almost destroyed democracy in the USA.

his impatient choice ,when trump lost , was to start on his own expecting NATO to fall apart and leave him with an open door. Trump's genius turned out to be a stuck in the mud fool.thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
utter rubbish Ukraine been part of Russia for 800 years and riots occurred after federation in 1993 caused by a total disregard to the rule of law, which is enshrined in the Democratic Russian Federations constitution and its bill of Rights Act.
Just because some idiot post rubbish like you just posted does not mean it has a true basses of fact associated the half truths you posted rizlared
Putin followed Hitler's Sudetenland-Playbook in Georgia,Crimea and Ukraine!
But apparently you can't see that!
your Brainbrother?laugh
Russia / Ukraine or Ukraine / Russia.
Neither is correct. 600 years ago there was a mutual unification of all the countries in that part of the world.
Prior to that there was a multitude of small 'kingdoms' with, wait for it, Kiev being the more prominent.
The purpose of the cooperation was to drive out the Mongols who had ruled over these areas for 200 years.
The operation was successful.
In time after that Russia became more dominant and was never defeated again.
To say that Ukraine was part of Russia is for me like saying Ireland was part of Great Britain for 800 years. We were unwilling participants to put it mildly.
But it's not about who owns who, it's about American influence over the place in the hands of an elite surrounding Zskyy, who could not care much about the average man on the street.
Basically a coalition between the Ukr oligarchsand the american ehmm what should I call them...
yea, let's go with elite. And Russia is just sidelined despite historical ties and population
overlap. Along those lines.
Chancer ~ Great blog. I have been looking at all the invasions by US under various presidents, including the one above .

I am beginning to think things were better under Trump. OK I was wrong. bouquet
@ Conrad that is not true at all, Ukraine even had its own Constitution as part of Russia and also referendums were held three parties. In December 1991 Ukraine proclaimed that Ukraine would no longer follow the laws of USSR only the laws of the Ukrainian SSR, a part of the population declared Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union.

Fundamentals of social system and politics of the Ukrainian SSR
Chapter 1 Political system
Chapter 2 Economic system
Chapter 3 Social development and culture
Chapter 4 Foreign policy and defence of socialist Fatherland
State and Individual
Chapter 5 Citizenship of the Ukrainian SSR. Equality of citizens
Chapter 6 Fundamental rights, freedoms and duties of citizens of the Ukrainian SSR
State-National and Administratively Territorial System of the Ukrainian SSR
Chapter 7 The Ukrainian SSR is a union republic within the USSR
Chapter 8 Administratively territorial system of the Ukrainian SSR
Councils of People's Deputies of the Ukrainian SSR and Order of Their Election
Chapter 9 System and principles councils people's deputies
Chapter 10 Electoral system
Chapter 11 People's Deputy
The Highest Organs of State Power and Administration of the Ukrainian SSR
Chapter 12 Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SSR
Chapter 13 Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR
Local Organs of State Power and Administration of the Ukrainian SSR
Chapter 14 Local councils of people's deputies
Chapter 15 Executive committees of local councils of people's deputies
State Plan of Economical and Social Development of the Ukrainian SSR and State Budged of the Ukrainian SSR
Chapter 16 State plan of economical and social development of the Ukrainian SSR
Chapter 17 State Budget of the Ukrainian SSR
Justice, Arbitration and Prosecutor's Supervision
Chapter 18 Court trials and arbitration
Chapter 19 Prosecutor's Office
Coat of Arms. Flag, Anthem and Capital of the Ukrainian SSR
Execution of the Constitution of the Ukrainian SSR and Order of Its Amendement

I suggest you read "Chapter 7 The Ukrainian SSR is a union republic within the USSR" by following active links to the above constitution : -

Constitution of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

another link

Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) was one of the 15 Soviet Socialist Republics that made up the USSR. Created in 1919, the republic was conceived as a quasi-puppet state that Moscow used to control the people of Ukraine.

Ukraine was part of USSR and part of the Democratic Russian Federation on the day 25th of December 1993 when the constitution came into being whether you keep taking rubbish or not Conrad
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