I'm guilty...

The CS blog community has a (relatively) recent arrival who writes some nice blogs and doesn't appear to have any personality quirks that are often found with members of online communities.
That said, I'm guilty of only reading her blogs and not being a contributor with comments.
My thoughts are many of you... like me, are holding back to contributing to her blogs.
Is it the material not relevant to me... maybe yes and maybe no.
Or is it 'blog apathy' from the group to someone they know little about?
That's what blogs are about... letting people know about you and the things you are interested in.
She did a marathon sweep of her blog comments last night and I'm curious to start reading her material with more interest.

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Thank you Chatillion;-) That was just my attempt at following the suggestion about updating one's blogs, so I may use of my insomnia to "git 'er done"grin

Hope to 'hear' more from you....
We need to hear more from you. Keep up the good work!
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