I thought I should remind the pillars of democracy

USA, of course, how democracy is supposed to work.
Australian elections yesterday. The government was defeated, and the outgoing leader politely and graciously conceded defeat.
Did we see that in the bastion of democracy, the sheriff of democracy in 2020?
Did we see any assertions of ballot fraud, ballot box stuffing?
Not on your Nellie!

This is intended to be a 'rubbing your noses in it blog' take it for what is intended.
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Clearly not. What we saw was nothing but a blatant coup. I wouldn't say that Donald dump is representative of US politicians, however, even though several established republicans came out in support of his coup (as unbelievable as that may sound). Thank God, Mike Pence was true to the constitution of the land.

The most unbelievable thing yet is that many republican fan boys are still refusing to condemn his actions and some of them are still sitting in the senat of the world's leading democracy! Is this the first step towards American totalitarianism? I sure hope not.
We would like to know how you out of focus, out of Country, out of logic zombie folk
Think you know $0 much about Amerika the bytch.

Amerika is a place where Animators created a mythical "white" cartoon Dad-- who by the 3rd.
Episode made Homer Simpson seem Churchill Ian.
.. Amerika is a place where rivers are poisoned
$0 authorities can count dead fish.
This R & D divide is a psyOp. If you have not figured this out yet..) ..see the Natl. Debt Clock Feature of the Google payload..and / or just watch more TV.
Today's wrek-amend; Soylent Green, filmed in the 70's, but set in 2022.
That's such a lame argument really. Tell me, why are you supposed to know more than anybody else about the US?
It's curious that I have never or perhaps seldom seen the word megalomaniac used here - but surely that is the right word. Grace? Totally absent. In our minor version of democracy the defeated bows out and the victor assumes control. In US version the corrupt defeated before the event raves about corruption and cheating, then attempts a coup d'etat. 18 months later it is still so, and a large number of Americans swallow the crazy bait. Something is amiss in that society, methinks!
@ab well that was a spectactularly incoherent rant, wasn't it? no idea what you were trying to say. The thread is comparing the handover of government in USA 2020-2021 with that in Australia 2022. Stick to the point if you understand it, otherwise refrain.
What gave you any Notion that eYe presume
To speak for my "Leader".$.

Ya'll have yet to figure out my original style-- even though it's thermo dynamic all the Time [ !
.. regarding democracy.
..read Chapter 2 of the Com. Manifesto and look for this keynote..
" The first step toward communism is to win the battle for D E M O C R A CY.."..) ..That admission segues into the 10 planks...which begins with abolition of private property & closes with free public Education { read indoctrination.
..in Amerika, free public Education has brought us to vampire weekend & 57 genders & national suicide.
At Fargo....
....you do not comprehend anything about 2020
Or history here in Amerika. Stick to your TV program.
Here's to shutting Up / superchunk
..no hope / the Vaccines
Left hand path / Entombed.
4what it's worth here it is the same Fargo. No quarrel.
I think the Americans need a 3rd party for starters.
I wish Trump would have started that together with Tulsi.
It could be economically supported by Elon the freedom loving genius.


I have some questions for Bob, but some other time (not at your blog).

Thi blog is about Australia? Who'd have thought.
The Big 2020 Steal. The Lie was conceived after losses in the 2018 mid term.

An obscure Texas security company helped persuade many Americans that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

At meetings beginning late in 2018, as Republicans were smarting from midterm losses in Texas and across the country, Russell Ramsland and his associates delivered alarming presentations on electronic voting to a procession of conservative lawmakers, activists and donors.

Ramsland, a former congressional candidate with a Harvard University MBA, pitched a claim that seemed rooted in evidence: Voting-machine audit logs - lines of codes and time stamps that document the machines’ activities - contained indications of vote manipulation. In the retrofitted hangar that served as his company’s offices at the edge of a municipal airstrip outside Dallas, Ramsland attempted to persuade Republican candidates to challenge their election results and force the release of additional data that might prove manipulation.

Read more.

This website has high credibility ratings.

The plan would have been developed over time. Trump predicted the fraud
@lj well no of course not, it is not about Australia but about the staggering distance American polarisation has achieved from other Western nations. Yet at the same time the Australian elections demonstrate how a two-party system of democracy is disintegrating under the weight of public rejection. If you don't comprehend I am not surprised, since you are mired down in the two-party system.
@lj well no it is not about Australia - instead it is a direct potshot at the American system, as the blog explicitly states. Perhaps you read shallowly too - leave it to you to work out the grammar of this 'too'
Pleeez.... Amerika has a 3rd, 4th, 5th party...

What Evidence do you Foreigners have that
The U $ of A will go alternative 3.. ?
When the Prez is a Marxist & still has 99% approval in San Francisco
And 109% in Arizona...it's time for TAPs....
... waiting for the sun / the doors
..clouds ..) .. Mitchell
Cloud song / United States of America*

You will find much $cienter at the *digital dream door.
..where the cloud song & others are listed in
Underrated Rock, Alternative Rock, & progressive rock.
But you know what I mean Bobster.
One with an umph. Flags held high and all.. and you know who fits the bill.
It's about the decline of democracy in the US jones. Shall i draw a wee diagram too for you?

Did we see that in the bastion of democracy, the sheriff of democracy in 2020?

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Embedded image from another site
Swamie, you trying to swimmy this blog full of crazy T-rex45 propagandista? laugh
How you think Fargo will feel abut that when he wake up? lol

Dunn worry thu, ofcourse I will join the club when it opens up,
in a town near me. cheers
in a republic, every state counts.
it's still a democracy. when legally applied and upheld, the electorals of each state follow their majority. 270 is considered the winning number.

for every thing else, there's mass mail in voting where nothing is verified, laws illegally changed or modified, and "judges" refuse to hear the cases as audits are fought against instead of for, to prove a working system. that was 2020 in the u.s.

the pillars of one's ides of democracy have to first be verified and proven as the people request. otherwwie, it's never going to be any type of democracy. a continual dictatorship at the least where the people don't matter. like the u.s. current since 2020.
@teddy wee? I thought that was just Scottish and NZ!
I use it occasionally but consciously thinking 'too many years in NZ'
Indeed. I suppose it's because of too many years in Scotland, in my case. laugh
Good morning to everyone except the Washington D.C. sewer.

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Point of Order .| Democracy is the politics of bedlam. - Fisher Ames, 1789

Democracy is what allows the mob to flourish.
Democracy from Greece & France is why the Continental Congress lobbied for & provided a Republic { a govt. Of laws- not mobs.
Democracy is how Nancy Pelosi, Maxie Waters, Hillary Rodham& Uncle Joe got super Rich
Magic D is how Ted Kennedy avoided incarceration following Chappaquiddick manslaughter.
.."the world must be made $afe for DEMOCRACY."- Wilson
.."long live national $ocialist democracy." -Lenin
McBob.} Can 2 walk together unless they be in agreement ? -- [ from the Scripture
.. parting shot...} Democrats are Zombies.- Bob Hope
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