Napoleon Bonaparte's View Of Jesus: "I Know Men...Jesus Christ Was Not A Man."

Napoleon Bonaparte was, by all accounts, a giant of history. Soldier. General. Emperor. Exile. And although no would add ‘theologian’ to this list, Napoleon faced a question common to all mankind: Who is Jesus Christ?

History has seen many different answers. Christians have claimed Him as Savior, others have considered Him just another wise teacher, and skeptics have deemed Him to be a largely mythological figure.

Near the end of his life, the exiled Emperor Napoleon came to the following conclusion about the King of Kings:

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I read a book about him. Always knew he was smart.

Well, he could not foresee the tactics of the Russians, that caught him off guard.

But impressive he was, so his words I put weight to.
He crushed them! That is the real truth. What we might say is that he did not plan well for the appalling Russian weather.

Back then, his defeat was viewed as a godsend by many in the west, yet had he taken over the helm of Russia, the Bolshies would (probably) have never come to power, and the world would not be where it is today. History has such a way of cooking up a twist innit?
I am humbled Mic. I always knew my God was for real. If I get scorned, ridicule and or due for what I believe in, that's nothing compared to what the evil people have done to Him.
Thank you for this. I'd have never known about it. I taught Hist. I know all about Bonaparte but not this.
"There are only two rules of war. Never invade Russia, never invade China.-
- British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery


That's beautiful Mic. I just want to add this, my personal opinion is God knows the power of evil, oy He'd have not taught us the Our Father as a prayer. It's so complete yet in the last sentence is where we have to fight the most. He said: "Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil."

That's to prove evil us at hand. We'd have to pray and know how to handle when it's upon us.
He crushed basically anything he landed on!
An amazing strategist. Balls plenty too. Really an amazing character.

So from what I could read them wild savage Russki pulled out of Moscow to the outskirts and lit fire to buildings now and then, making Napoleons men run around like headless chickens trying to quell it.
They could just not believe this and the psychological effect this had on French moral was no less than devastating.
All food and perhaps drinking water too was sabotaged.
In the end they had no choice then to give the city up. Thera is no food you know... and no supply of any sort. This was some time before planes...
Sorry for the typos
Thank you Mic love that song a lot
One thing Bonaparte has done also is make people choose the last name............a Surname..............
People did not have one before.
That not all people were happy about it is reflexed in the name some people chose.
Yep clearly Cor's ancestors did not like it and it shows in the name they chose..........
wave Jenny! ... hug

And 200 years after Napoleon, the Gospels continue to bring us closer to God.... thumbs up
It's true. One of the very few dictators who actually was capable in matters of war. Hitler was a zero. Stalin, although cunny as a fox politically, was militarily illiterate, muammar was supposed to have military training but was also dumb as hell, sadam, Mao was actually okish at guerilla but was otherwise numpty. I think he is the only one, actually.
Monty. A fine, British tea-sipper. I've got quite a bit of respect towards the fellow and I must say that in my view, he was right. That said, I'm by no means an expert.
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