New Research Shows Exposure to High-Powered Microwave Frequencies Can Cause Brain Injuries.

Microwaves are now known to be safe, effective, and efficient thanks to advancements in science, engineering, and technology. However, recent research from Texas A&M University reveals that exposure to certain extremely high-powered microwave and radio frequencies may result in high stresses within the brain.
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Yes i remember many moons ago our factory had a big microwave then out of order sign for just that reason.

always some new learning, as remember smoking was cool, now banned from places. etc.
Agreed, it's not the kind of thing you should buy in a discount store. wink
Microwaves not banned yet though...and I guess we all using them. doh
High power microwave radiation such as what you'd find inside an oven can cook your brain pretty easily. Microwave ovens are shielded, though, by means of a Faraday's cage (ever noticed the metal mesh on the oven's window?), so the radiation is contained within the oven and does not leak (leaks very little). A microwave oven, therefore, is a rather safe appliance.

Also, it's good to point out that both 5G and microwave ovens use microwaves (almost same frequencies too). The difference is that an oven produces a 100 times more intense radiation than a 5G antenna, so 5G won't cook or harm your brain in any way, shape, or form.
I think the telephone towers transmit a microwave signal a quick dr google search:

The acceptance of mobile phones in Australia has been phenomenal, a total of about four and a half million being presently in use. However, not so welcome for many people has been the sprouting of mobile telephone towers in unexpected places close to homes and schools. There are now about 2000 of them. It is reported that expanding phone companies in the US are hiding the antennae in church steeples, arena lighting, artificial trees and flagpoles. It is the newness and the close proximity of these towers that has made them more controversial than the established radio and TV towers. However, all transmit electromagnetic radiation (often referred to by officials as 'electromagnetic energy' in order to avoid the term 'radiation') which some scientists have implicated in increased incidence of cancer.

Electromagnetic Radiation from Cellphone Towers: A Potential Health Hazard for Birds, Bees, and Humans
The electromagnetic spectrum consists of ionizing and nonionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation includes ultraviolet (UV) rays, X-rays, and gamma (?) rays. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cellphone towers is largely comprised of high-frequency radio waves or microwaves. Microwaves lie in the nonionizing radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which includes low-frequency (computers, power lines), medium-frequency (television, radio), and high-frequency (microwaves, mobile devices) radio waves (Figure 1).

Radio-frequency radiation (RFR) is emitted at varying frequencies by cellphone towers, cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, and other electronic devices. RFR frequency ranges between 10 KHz and 300 GHz. On average, Wi-Fi applications and microwave ovens utilize 2450 MHz. Cellphone technology uses transmission signals between 800 MHz and 3 GHz, while cellphone towers typically operate at 1900 MHz
no sex is worse
No sex is worse? confused
TeddyKaz if your brain is stewed you won't be in the mood for sex................ I think.confused

I guess so, although I might finish before bothering about my cooked brain, I guess. laugh
TeddyKaz ~ rolling on the floor laughing You always make me laugh and are the sunshine of the blogs.
You will have to choose between cooking from scratch and having a good sex life or using the dreaded
Microwave and becoming celibate due to brain fog and decline.

I bought a cheapo Microwave and sorry I did, it makes a weird sound.... kinda like a dying donkey.
I think excess WiFi is just as bad , and brain tumours have increased as have eye tumours in kids in Ireladn since the Smartphones came in. Fact.

So, I go and live in Gozo and live off the grid. Start reading War and Peace which I never finished and hopefully meet somebody who has a laptop so that I can find out what is happening in the world. It could be bliss but I am scared of snakes.
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