short time of this world

We are in end time and short time of this world.wars and killings,earthquakes and floods,viruses and sicknesses and many others.. will come to end this world.
Are you losing time or seeking to be saved?
Only God can save you.
So seek God and pray,read bible and learn believe and obey God to be saved.
Love God with all heart..,and love your neighbours as yourself.
This will help you great.
then are ten commandments in exodus in bible.
All those who sin and don,t repent and don,t improve will go in hell.
Hell is terrible so horrible suffering, it,s so long time many years...!
So repent and improve.
God is Love and is Good, so love and be good daily.
Seek truth and you shall find, and truth will make you free.
God bless.

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