Heart and Brain

My stupid imagination:
If the heart is considered as female and the brain is considered as male, then maybe it will be easier to understand each other.

(It doesn't mean that women don't have brain and men don't have heart.)

As long as heart (EQ) and brain (IQ) help each other, life is like heaven and when IQ and EQ try to dominate each other then life becomes hell.

So do not let Intellectual and Emotion dominate each other, maintain balance between them.

When the heart is distracted, the mind must stop it, and when the mind is distracted, the heart must stop it. When both listen to each other, only then will they be able to show each other the right path.
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It depends how old you are. Older you are- less heart and more brains in both genders. grin
oohh and what would we miss by being single entities now-and-again. Or just being humangrin
I don't know dunno
I am still single.

But it feels like, I am missing something. confused But I don't know what it is? doh

Like, when Adam was created by God, Adam was missing something. So God created Eve for Adam. Adam was happy to get Eve, but after that the problems get started.grin
I think, old people have more heart and more mind. Just because the body is weak, they are unable to do anything.grin

kaun kahta hai ki budhon me ishq ka silsilaa nahi hota, aam tab tak majaa nahi deta jab tak pilpila nahi hota. rolling on the floor laughing
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