19 students killed, 2 teachers dead in elementary school shooting, Texas governor says

Gov. Abbott also identified the shooter as an 18-year-old student at Uvalde High School.

UVALDE, Texas -- At least 14 students were killed and one teacher is dead after an "active shooter" incident at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott said.

Abbott also identified the shooter as an 18-year-old student at Uvalde High School. Multiple sources told ABC News the suspect is dead.

The National Counterterrorism Operations Center believes, at the moment, there is "no known terrorism nexus," according to a law enforcement bulletin obtained by ABC News.

This is a breaking news update. A previous version of this report is below.

Multiple people are dead, including several children, after an "active shooter" incident at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

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Hope you've pat yourself on the back, pal.

What kind of bullshit comment was that?
PS: it's 14 not 4.

What a needless tragedy ffs.
Oops. Thanks for correcting my goof.
It's the same comment I made to you 10 bloody days ago. Anyway, go ahead. Start spouting your usual tripe about your 2nd amendment etc. I'm out of here.
Nothing. You're welcome.
Who is the perpetrator, why did he do it, is he m13, is he apprehended or maybe dead.
Conveniently DEAD!
Feel sick and can not yet put my head around this. The suffering as the sick shooter shot the kids one by one,
The impact on other kids will be horrendous for sure. The poor families' pain must be unreal :
crying: crying crying teddybear teddybear teddybear
But not to worry,FBI and ATF are on the case!wow
How the Libtard mind gropes for meaning;

Trumpenstein was born circa May, 1948
He is the cause of all bad shootings including
Any by Alec Baldwin...from May '48...till now.
Trumpenstein also brought bad karma to the Universe with 4 magic words..
FEMA 1$ Fully Engaged...[ 3/11/2020.
...not being a tard myself, it's difficult to explain
How that Libtard philosophy operates day to day.
Set up C. That's what I thought. So they can change the constitution. F them.
Yep conveniently dead C. F 'em demonrats.
I did not see your blog on this, sorry.
This is tragic.
Now 18 children and 3 teachers dead.
Good lord. thumbs down
18 kids dead..Teacher is dead..the 18 year old shot his grandmother before he did what he did

The usual crap..Let's pray & nothing is bloody done

Sandyhook didn't tug at Americans heart strings..The zillions of massacres in schools churches & so on means jack shit when it comes to Americans.having a heart..Americans don't give a shit and religous people who keep repeating lets pray can shove their prayers where the sun doesn't shine

Shame on America!~.
See what eYe mean...
It's OUR fault that Government let's into the
Country the 3rd world crime wave..
Mental Funeral / Autopsy
Cause of Death / Obituary
Left hand path / Entombed
..also ran.) Killer Joe / Rocky Fellers.
Also ..take a Scientiferous wild guess what
Non-blogging, no Nonsense parents are doing nation wide since 3/11/20...?

A..) Removing their children from public Schools
Because the Administration thereof
Really? You want anyone with a different political viewpoint f*cked?

This is what is wrong with America, the hatred shown by some for those with a different perspective is the cause of all things wrong in what used to be a magnificent and courageous country.

Shame on Americasad flower
I am at the point where nothing surprises me about politics in my country. Everything, has to be about politics and which side you are on..

There is not ANY reason for ASSAULT weapons in this country to be in the hands of civilians....I have never owned a gun and never want to...

Hunting with an assault weapon....yep..that sure is a sport...

I am sickened by some of the replies in this thread....

It could be your child or your grandchildren..if, we do not wake up and have some restrictions put on guns in America...
If it makes any of you Libtards feel better..
...on the occasion of my FIRST walk home
From Kindergarten @ S. River New Jersey
Sept. 1962....an Insane Lady tried to kill me
..It hit me in the Left arm, drew blood & I
Ran to safety as fast as possible. One of my great memories of NJ & the 60's.
You might want to get off your high horse for a minute and think about what you wrote.

"Americans don't give a shit"? "Americans don't have a heart"? Who the helll are you to say filthy smut about Americans.

Americans love their children as much as parents in Australia do.

The problem has been guns in the wrong hands but the NRA lobby is too powerful to bring it down.

People use mental illness as the reason for these shootings. It's not all mental illness. It's people who are uneducated, homeless, feeling unloved, medical illness and a cry for attention.

Friday a shooting at a grocery store, Saturday a shooting at a church, Tuesday an elementary school shooting.

When 26 children very small children died in the Sandy Hook school shooting the talk was now they will do something about it.

Well they didn't do something about it. The operative word is "they".sad flower

I'm just as angry as you are about this but it's not about Americans as a whole unit.
Don't you bloody dare tell me how I should post...Anyone with half a brain knows my post is in reference to the the gun nut jobs & those red states..Red states turn a blind eye for the sake of bloody votes
It's only a photo-op for them.
What "AssaultWeapon"?confused doh
actually it's that Nutjob presently posing as POTUS #46 who is responsible for those GUNFREE Zones-Law,and the Chicken are coming home to roost!
He is the one with Blood on his Hands!
Maybe the terminology is wrong but you know as well as everyone else the point being made.

Embedded image from another site

These are the guns used in the attack, assault weapon seems an accurate description even if incorrect
Then why didn't your hero Trump strengthen the regulations etc when he had the chance and the backing of his cult followers?

Maybe because he would not have got anything out of that and he couldn't care less about the man in the streetdunno
Those are military assault weapons that were used

Notice how there is no heart felt pain from.people like Conrad & others except for BS excuses about nit picking the words I used which were military assault weapons
You can't get those unless you steal them or knock over a military Armory!
Yep,try to repeal A Gunlaw,however ludicrous,when the Democrats calling the shots!wow
Seems that Guy is still living Rentfree in your head!uh oh
Hug your kids before they go to school. It may be the last time you see them alive.

Absolutely. I bet they'd all change their mind should they get some lead up their arse while shopping innocently, though. This kind of selfishness is vile!
Agreed. It truly does not matter in the least what his weapons were. The bottom line is that whatever his weapons were, they enabled him to kill 20 people in a matter of minutes. That should simply not be possible in a civilized society and whoever says otherwise has blood on his hands!
All we have to do is UnInvent Gunpowder & go back to doin' it with Clubs & Spears very happy

The premise that Humans are CIVILIZED is Arrogant & Fundamentally Flawed.

It's not funny mic. This is carnage. It's bloody sad. moping
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