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When I bent over to spit toothpaste into the bathroom sink a few mornings ago, I noticed a gap between the backboard and the wall. Asked my brother if anything I can do and he suggested expanding foam. I never heard of it so I watched a million videos on how to use it with none addressing my particular situation.

I have now attempted that foam, waited 24 hours then tried to remove the expansion over the rim. What a fricking mess I've made. Itty bitty little critters were getting in with the gap. Many very tiny bugs that jumped like fleas but much tinier than a flea. Well I've stopped them from coming in but I can't walk in my bathroom without wanting to throw up at how awful I have made it look. Today I am going to attempt to putty it to get a smooth surface. I'm really not sure if I should use putty or caulk. I'm very tempted to just put masking tape on it and call it a fricken job NOT well done, but done never-the-less.
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Can't you hire a professional to do the job?
Water based caulking. Probably clear or white would do the job with easy cleanup.

Expanding foam is only for interiors of walls and exterior cracks, holes around plumbing or electrical conduit.
Without a photo it's difficult to say.

Usually we would use either white or clear Silicone filler. You shape the nozzle and when applied carefully there is no need to trim.

You have no control over the end result with expanding foam. It's not suitable for that type of job.
I had a gap along a timber joist in the roofspace at the dividing wall. I used expanding foam filler on it. That is an example.

The best way to remove an excess of foam filler would be to trim it off with a utility knife.

Post a photo if you want ideas.
It took me too long to write my post. laugh
I could/should have called a profession but I bet it would have been several hundred dollars to come out. There is some satisfaction in accomplishing something myself.

I've trimmed the foam off and bought a little drummel to sand it completely then I have the silicone and putty that I may try. This is in my personal bathroom so not necessary to be as pretty as the guest bathroom where there is no problems
Oh and I don't know how to post a pic.
You're right Fay. I know there's a fee to be paid. Well I know how satisfying when you do it yourself and turns out quite to your liking.

What you do is take a picture from your phone, then go to your blog, hit edit, on top of your blog there's a choice for upload, hit it, below would be the file hit that, then choose your file, pictures will show hit the picture you want to post, then the right part of your picture is a code copy that, back to your blog and paste it, review and submit.
I don't know how to get the picture from my phone to my desktop. I don't log into CS from my phone.
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